Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Shalu signing Paro to make an excuse of going to the bathroom and Paro says the same after which officer Jyoti goes with her and sends her inside the bathroom while standing outside.

Meanwhile, Shalu was hiding in the bathroom which shocks Paro and she asks in loud voice but Shalu asks her to talk in low voice after which Paro asks her what's she doing here.

Then, Shalu says that she is here to make Paro elope and she shouldn't worry as she'll tag along her while Paro asks how they'll leave as Jyoti is standing outside.

After that, Shalu says they can't elope from the door but they will elope from the window and they elope from the bathroom window.

Further, Paro faces difficulty in running fast so Shalu picks her up on her shoulders then brings her to the parking lot after which Shalu searches for an unlocked car there and found it.

She makes Paro sit in that after which as she is about to get into the car Ayush holds her hand and asks what's she doing and Paro says they are eloping.

Later, he takes Shalu aside and asks Shalu what's she is doing after which he asks if Shalu thinks she can do it alone while Shalu asks him to elope with them.

There, Manoj sees the birthday party video and says it's look like someone has recorded the video deliberately to frame Paro while Rajat says it can't happen and Manoj is thinking too much.

He says that today's kids are advanced and maybe Paro really did that to take revenge on Neelam as she might have scolded her and Manoj says their job is to just fight the case so they should do that just then Rishi comes and asks Monoj to fight the case properly.

This makes them confused while Rishi says Paro is his daughter and Manoj asks if Lakshmi is his wife while Rishi agrees which is heard by Malishka.

Then, the court hearing starts again and Jyoti tells them that Paro is missing after which everyone started to search her while Ayush tries to convince Shalu to not elope as she can be in problem but Shalu says if she doesn't do it Paro will be separated from her mother.

After that, Ayush agrees to help her and Shalu thanks him by hugging Anushka spots them but can't see Shalu's face then they leave in the car while the inspector finds that the glass is removed from bathroom window and tells everyone about it.

There, Shalu calls Lakshmi's friend Ishita to get help who tells her that she is going to the village for her wedding then Shalu decides to go to the bus stand.

Meanwhile, Oberoi's family bad-mouths about Paro for eloping and Rishi and Lakshmi defend her after which they check at Oberoi's house but can't find her there and Aanchal blames Lakshmi for making Paro eloped.

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