Bhagya Lakshmi 11th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ranjit holding Malishka on a knife and saying that no one should come close otherwise, he'll harm Malishka.

Just then, Rishi and Ayush see a stick and attack Ranjit with it in a tricky way after which Ranjit pushes away Malishka to run, in the process Malishka gets hurt while Ranjit is caught by the police.

There, Paro ties a cloth around Lakshmi's wound and feels guilty thinking it has happened due to her after which Rishi consoles Malishka and tries to go to Lakshmi but Malishka doesn't let him go as she is feeling dizzy.

After that, the police inspector asks them to take Malishka to the hospital in the meantime, they'll take care of Lakshmi and Paro.

Further, Rishi, Malishka, and Ayush go near the car where Malishka eats a painkiller while Lakshmi is taken to the hospital in the police jeep but Rishi can't see her.

There, Paro comes and cries for Lakshmi while Rishi consoles her just then Paro sees Ranjit and slaps him for his deed while Malishka likes Paro's act.

Later, they go to the hospital on Paro's insist for Malishka's treatment and meet Lakshmi while Oberoi's family is worried for them but Harleen consoles them.

On the other hand, the lady constable takes Lakshmi to the hospital and makes her admitted there after which she fills only her name in the form until Lakshmi's family arrives to fill details.

Meanwhile, Shalu and Dadi hope that Lakshmi and Rishi will be fine after which Shalu cares for Dadi as she feels pain in her legs so Dadi prays for Lakshmi and Shalu's happiness.

There, Rishi and the others reach the hospital where Paro goes to the lady inspector to ask about Lakshmi and Ayush accompanies her while Rishi and Malishka go to the doctor's cabin for Malishka's treatment.

Further, the lady inspector assures Paro that Lakshmi is fine and asks her to call Shalu after which Paro talks with Shalu and tells her that they are saved and Ranjit is arrested which makes her happy.

Shalu adds, that Paro should bring Rishi's family to their house while the lady inspector tells Shalu to come to the hospital.

Further, Paro demands to meet Lakshmi but Ayush asks her to wait for a while just then the inspector comes there and tells them that first they will take Lakshmi's statement after she gains consciousness after which Paro opposes it but Ayush tries to make her understand.

Just then, Ayush goes to receive Anushka's call and tells her that they are fine after which Neelam takes the phone and Ayush tells her that they are in hospital as Lakshmi and Malishka are injured, to which Neelam worries but Ayush consoles her.

Neelam asks Ayush to ask Rishi to call him while the nurses shift Lakshmi's ward so Paro tries to wake up Lakshmi but the inspector stops her.

There, Shalu goes to the hospital and gets to know that Lakshmi is in ward number 5 while Rishi and Malishka come out after the checkup but fail to see Shalu.

Further, Rishi consoles an upset Paro and Malishka decides to call Neelam while Shalu meets Lakshmi but the nurse asks her to wait outside as first the inspector will take Lakshmi's statement after that she can meet her, so Shalu leaves and remembers Paro.

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