Bhagya Lakshmi 11th January 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th January 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th January 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 11th January 2023 episode starts with Rano counting the money when Neha snatches it from her hand.

Rano orders Neha to stay silent as anyone can hear them but Neha is unable to contain her happiness.

When Neha asks Rano how she got 20k, Rano lies that Neha’s father sent it.

Meanwhile, Bani who was just passing by Rano’s room overhears Rano's comment and stops on her track to eavesdrop.

Later, in-room, Bani arrives in the room absent-mindedly and Lakshmi offers to take it to Neha’s room.

After Lakshmi walks away, Bani tells Shalu that she heard Rano giving Neha 20k and she is skeptical about the money causing Shalu to get suspicious.

On the other hand, in Balwinder’s home, Balwinder and Guddu are busy celebrating and Balwinder announces that he will give Guddu a treat once Lakshmi agrees to the marriage.

Balwinder announces any time the money machine (Malishka) will give him the money when Guddu asks him how he will arrange the money.

Guddu mocks Balwinder by saying that Malishka and Monica O My Darling, Sonal have dropped him from their life but Balwinder announces that Malishka needs him with full confidence.

Meanwhile, Malishka and Sonal arrive at the Oberoi mansion as per Karishma’s offer and Karishma tells Kiran that Malishka and Sonal will stay there for some time.

Kiran informs everyone that she has given Rishi the next day to make up his mind about marriage.

This answer disappoints Karishma, Malishka, and Sonal but Karishma urges Malishka to stay calm as it is just one day.

When Karishma urges Kiran to stay here for some days, Kiran announces she will stay here once Malishka gets justice.

Neelam who has heard this from distance feels her feet rooted on the ground due to shame.

Later, in-room, Sonal picks up Balwinder’s call and gets agitated when Balwinder calls her Monica O My Darling.

Balwinder however orders Monica to give the phone to Malishka and he demands five lahks from Malishka.

At first, Malishka refuses to give the money but when Balwinder threatens that her dream of marrying Rishi will stay unfulfilled, Malishka agrees.

Malishka orders Balwinder to apologize to Sonal and Balwinder announces that he can apologize 11 lakh times for 5 lakh money.

Sonal asks Malishka why she agreed to give money to Balwinder but Malishka urges her to consider this as a charity for her and Rishi’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Balwinder and Guddu start dancing to celebrate Balwinder’s win and Guddu questions him if he knows why Rishi-Lakshmi agreed to the divorce.

Balwinder reveals that he wishes he knew the reason for Rishi-Lakshmi’s divorce then he would have gotten more money.

The next morning, Malishka tells Neelam and Virendra that she will be the best daughter-in-law once Rishi agrees to the marriage because he loves her.

Afterward, Malishka collides with Ayush who informs Malishka that he will prove Rishi's innocence somehow.

Meanwhile, in Neelam’s room, Neelam orders Rishi only to enter this room as her son and Rishi walks away.

On the other hand, Sonal and Balwinder get into a banter when Sonal gives him the money.

Elsewhere, Ayush arrives at Bajwa's house to meet Lakshmi and he even asks her if she will go back to Rishi but Lakshmi denies it.

Ayush walks away telling Lakshmi that he will talk to Shalu on call and Lakshmi thinks the relationship cannot be the same after it is broken.

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