Bhagya Lakshmi 11th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Mukesh telling Rishi and Lakshmi that he hasn't seen Paro while Avinash comes down and says Paro isn't at the terrace too after which Lakshmi worries that where can be Paro.

Just then, Aanchal comes and says that Lakshmi must have known that where is Paro as she has hide her also made her elope.

Meanwhile, Karishma says that as she is a child there was no so much security on her after which Malishka adds that Lakshmi has taken advantage of the situation while Lakshmi tries to go without saying anything.

After that, Aanchal asks her to complete the conversation as it's an insult of her while Lakshmi says that even they are insulting Paro thus she doesn't want to talk with them.

As Lakshmi goes Rishi also follows her while Malishka complains about it and Karishma says Neelam used to control everyone in the house but now things are getting out of the hand.

Further, Aanchal says that the doctor has said now they can bring Neelam home while Ayush drops Shalu and Paro at the bus stand after which Shalu thanks him and he asks if he can ask where she is going but she refuses to tell him.

She asks Ayush to promise her that he won't tell everyone about he has dropped her here and he leaves after doing the same after which Paro asks where is Lakshmi while Shalu assures her and calls Ishita.

There, Rishi tries to help Lakshmi in finding Paro but she refuses and they have an argument after which she leaves while Shalu meets Ishita and tells her the problem.

After that, Ishita advises her to call Lakshmi here and Shalu does the same while Lakshmi gets shocked to know Paro is at the bus stand with Shalu.

On the other hand, Rishi laments on Lakshmi's behaviour with him and Karishma waits for Neelam's come back eagerly while Dadi says to her that she knows Karishma supports Neelam for her selfish motives.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi reaches the bus stand and gets to know that Shalu has made Paro eloped which makes Lakshmi worried and angry on Shalu after which Ishita takes Paro away from there and Shalu tries to make Lakshmi understand that Malishka was plotting against Paro thus she has to do it but Lakshmi stays in objection.

There, Anushka confronts Ayush that where was he in the court but he makes an excuse while Anushka remembers Ayush hugging a girl so she decides to gather a proof.

On the other hand, Shalu asks Lakshmi to go with Paro in Ishita's wedding to save her while she'll try to find a good lawyer while Malishka and Anushka pressurize the police to find Paro soon.

After that, Lakshmi refuses to elope and tries to take back Paro from there but Paro hugs Lakshmi and cry stating she doesn't want to go juvenile home again.

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