Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 episode starts with Karishma asking Neelam about the next date for Lakshmi.

However, Neelam stays silent seeing Rishi standing by the door.

He tells her that Lakshmi is coming with the herbal paste and tells Neelam to not talk about going to Tirth Yatra anymore as both the family and the doctor has refused to do it.

Lakshmi comes there and is about to apply the herbal paste when Malishka comes there and stops her saying that she will do it since she is going to become the daughter-in-law soon.

Rishi tries to convince Malishka but Lakshmi says that it is fine and gets up from there.

Further, Karishma informs Malishka about Lakshmi and Vikrant's Roka who congratulates her and tells her that she is lucky to get married so early.

Later, Lakshmi is checking her leg while Rishi comes there and sits beside her.

Before Lakshmi can leave, Rishi stops her and asks her if she's happy with the Roka since everything will be fixed and confirmed after the Roka is done.

Lakshmi nods saying that Vikrant is just the type of person that he wanted for her.

Rishi further asks about the injury on the leg and bends to check it while Lakshmi shouts that Vikrant has already removed the thorn.

Malishka also comes there just then and stops Rishi asking him what is he doing.

She tells him to remember that Lakshmi's Roka is going to happen with Vikrant the next day and tells both of them to stop caring for each other.

Malishka manipulates them saying that leave about her being hurt, both the families will also be hurt, and drags Rishi away from her.

Locking themselves in a room, Malishka loops her arms around Rishi and tells him that she is being jealous.

She asks him how come he knew that Lakshmi was in danger since Lakshmi didn't even call him or anything.

Rishi yearns for Lakshmi!

Rishi's eyes fall on Lakshmi who is outside the window and recalls confessing his love to her while thinking about how can he reveal the truth to Malishka.

Once Lakshmi leaves, Malishka continues asking Rishi who replies that he does not know since he felt that Lakshmi was in danger.

Malishka tells him to think about her and care about her since Lakshmi is Vikrant's responsibility from now on.

Rishi nods as Malishka hugs him telling him that she loves him.

The next day, Anjana praises Vikrant while telling him that they will go to the Oberoi house at an auspicious time only.

At the same time, Lakshmi is scolding Shalu and Bani, telling them that she has to get dressed by herself when she has younger sisters.

Shalu and Bani argue that they will not do her makeup since they still feel that Rishi is perfect for her.

Lakshmi cries and reminds them that they promised to be happy in her happiness and convinces them to dress her up.

Further, Rishi enters the room and does touchups with Lakshmi telling her that she looks perfect.

He tells Shalu to do the Kala Tika on Lakshmi and tells Shalu and Bani to not call him Jiju (Brother-In-Law) from now on since Vikrant has that position.

Vikrant and Lakshmi's ROKA ceremony!

On the other hand, the Oberoi family welcomes Vikrant and his family and converse with Vikrant's father who has arrived for the first time.

Rishi leaves telling Shalu and Bani that they can call him brother, bro, or just Rishi also.

Rano and Neha also greet Lakshmi's in-laws while Saloni gets confused seeing Neelam and Rishi.

Harleen informs them that they did not go to the Tirth Yatra and Anjana smiles saying that the more the merrier.

Shalu and Bani bring Lakshmi downstairs and both Rishi and Vikrant's eyes linger on her while Saloni teases Vikrant.

Anjana wards off the evil eye from Lakshmi while Saloni also praises her saying that she looks beautiful.

The priest says that they should start the rituals and makes Vikrant sit beside Lakshmi saying that the wedding will be fixed after the Roka.

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