Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka saying that she still wants Rishi like before but she hasn't gotten him yet and now Lakshmi has written that too with Paro.

She adds, Rishi loves Paro a lot and considers her as his daughter so if he gets to know Paro is Lakshmi's daughter then he won't let Lakshmi leave.

After that, he'll make sure that they both stay in their house and even Rohan too considers Paro as his sister and trusts her more than his mother.

Further, Malishka says that Lakshmi has said that she'll leave Mumbai but she can't trust her until she actually leaves.

Just then, Karishma comes there and scolds Malishka for her behaviour with kids while Malishka says that she knows whatever she done was wrong but she doesn't like Paro and the things has been changed.

She says that Rohan and Paro are poles apart and Paro belongs to the village after which she degrades the village people and says that Rohan shouldn't be with Paro.

However, Karishma says that she understands Malishka's concern but Rishi is attached to Paro and considers her his daughter thus they have to be careful.

Meanwhile, Malishka says she understands this and she should have said something hurtful to Paro so she doesn't come back which she has done.

There, Paro tells Lakshmi how Malishka has blamed her for ruining Rohan's painting and says that she is jealous of Rohan.

Further, Lakshmi worries that Malishka is doing this purposely to trouble Paro while Shalu says that she doesn't think Malishka even knows that Paro is her daughter.

After that, Malishka thinks that she knows that and she has to do something to send Lakshmi and Paro away and worries while Rishi asks her to sleep as tomorrow they has to go to the mall.

The next day, Paro comes to the mall with Lakshmi and Shalu and praises it which worries them as how they will talk with her to go back to the village.

Further, Lakshmi wonders how Paro can like the city more than the village while Shalu says that Paro has Rishi's qualities and then goes after Paro.

Meanwhile, Rishi comes there and Lakshmi and Rishi feel each other presence after which Malishka and Rohan also comes and Rohan taunts Rishi which reminds him of Lakshmi.

After that, Rohan and Paro try to decide dresses respectively while Rishi gets Ayush's call that him and Anushka are also coming to the mall.

Later, Paro sends Lakshmi to try a dress while Rohan keeps mentioning Paro while shopping which irritates Malishka so she decides to make Rohan envious of Paro.

Further, she asks Rohan whom he loves the most after which Rohan takes Paro's name as she's his best friend.

Meanwhile, Paro and Rohan go with saleswomen to select dresses respectively and ends up meeting each other, while Paro tells Rohan that she is going to select makeup for Lakshmi.

There, Shalu selects a dress just then Anushka comes and likes the same dress after which they get into an argument and Ayush sees them so he hides himself from Shalu, while Rohan decides to send Malishka to Paro to help her in selecting makeup.

On the other hand, Malishka shares her worry with Kiran who asks her to not worry and just show extra affection to Rohan just then Rohan comes there to ask Malishka's help while she sees Lakshmi and goes from there asking Rohan to help Paro.

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