Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka calling Neelam while Neelam worrying for her and asking her about her wound after which Malishka says that it's a small wound nothing serious.

Further, Neelam asks her why they didn't call at home while Malishka tells her that they were just so engrossed in the events so couldn't get the chance but now everything is fine.

After that, Neelam says that she wants to talk with Rishi and then scolds Rishi over the call for going to Gurdaspur to save Paro while Rishi says it's his duty after which Neelam says that Rishi isn't responsible for Paro and he should come back home as he has saved Paro.

She adds, Paro is unlucky while Rishi asks her to not use such a words for a kid but Neelam doesn't bother about it and orders Rishi to come back home.

There, Malishka also says to Rishi that they should go back but Rishi says they can't go leaving Paro when Lakshmi is unconscious.

After that, Malishka thinks Paro has ruined her honeymoon and wonders why Rishi is so attached to Paro, while Shalu searches for Paro and Rishi's family in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ayush and Shalu share a hit-and-miss moment after which Lakshmi gains her consciousness and asks about Paro while a nurse assures her that Paro is safe with her dad.

On the other hand, Karishma instigates Neelam saying Lakshmi and Paro will surely do something to stop Rishi again.

However, Harleen asks Karishma to not instigate Neelam but Karishma says Neelam is smart herself and Rishi has changed.

There, the police comes to take Lakshmi's statement while Lakshmi requests to meet Paro first but the inspector assures her about Paro so Lakshmi gives the statement.

On the other hand, Paro comes Rishi & family to meet Lakshmi and the police give her permission, after which Rishi and family get the news that Neelam has gotten heart attack so they rush back to home as the nurse assures Rishi that Paro's aunt has come.

Meanwhile, Paro and Shalu meet Lakshmi but Lakshmi is upset to know that Rishi is gone and she can't thank him, after which they find their hospital bill is paid and Lakshmi feels connection with Rishi.

Further, they comes back to home and praise Rishi while Dadi says it's some past connection that's why Rishi considers Paro as his real daughter.

There, Rishi and family get worried after reaching Mumbai when no one from the family picks up their call.

Just then, Paro calls Rishi and tells him that they are back home and Lakshmi wants to talk with him but Rishi says he'll talk to her later.

After that, Rishi drives the taxi himself to reach home fast while Lakshmi senses something is wrong with Rishi and prays for him.

On the other hand, Rishi and family reach home where it gets revealed that it's Karishma's plan to call them back which angers Ayush and Rishi.

However, Neelam rebukes Rishi for going to save Paro who isn't related to him leaving her wife while Malishka tries to take Rishi's side but Neelam continues to scold Rishi and asks Malishka to claim her rights over Rishi.

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