Bhagya Lakshmi 12th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Lakshmi and Shalu coming back home and praising Rohan for giving information to them at the right time.

Then, they go to check on Rohan and Rohan wakes up, to which Lakshmi asks if she disturbed his sleep, while Rohan says no as he wasn't sleeping and knows that they shooed away the goons beating them.

This makes Shalu and Lakshmi shocked and they ask if Rohan has followed them and how he knows what they did, while Rohan gets nervous about getting caught.

Just then, Dadi comes and says that she was there all the time so Rohan couldn't escape while Rohan also says that he just guessed about it.

There, Ranjit's Dad beats the goons for flopping their plan and getting beaten by the girls while Ranjit praises Lakshmi.

Further, Ranjit's Dad wonders how Lakshmi got to know their plan and asks Ranjit the reason why he is so happy, to which he says that if Lakshmi becomes his wife then they will be popular in the village while Ranjit's Dad asks him to get successful in it first.

After that, he decides to do something about it while Paro gets scared by seeing herself in a different room, to which Rishi consoles her and says that he won't let her go far from him ever.

There, Lakshmi feels strange seeing Rohan sleeping for a long and decides to let him sleep more, while Rishi makes Paro brush when Harleen, Ayush, and Anushka come there.

Harleen and Ayush have fun talking with Paro while Anushka makes faces and Paro says that she'll sleep in Rishi's room from now onwards.

Further, Lakshmi sees Rishi's message and replies to him with a good morning message which reminds Rishi of Lakshmi.

Later, they discuss about kids and thank each other for taking good care of Rohan and Paro.

After completing the conversation Rishi and Lakshmi feel happiness and a connection between them.

There, Neelam calls Rohan but he is sleeping, at the same time, Lakshmi gets a call from the principal so she asks Dadi to talk with Neelam.

Dadi informs Neelam that Rohan is sleeping and they'll make him call her once he's awake.

However, Neelam stays suspicious about Lakshmi's intentions.

Further, Rohan wakes up and sees Lakshmi's video, and decides to keep it hidden from Lakshmi.

Just then, Lakshmi comes and asks him to talk with Neelam but the call doesn't connect so he calls Rishi and says that he'll send him a video of Lakshmi's bravery.

However, he doesn't tell him the context of the video and just asks him to see it but can't send it as Lakshmi calls him for breakfast.

There, Rishi gets restless to see the video in the meantime, Paro comes to Rishi and asks him to comb her hair and Rishi agrees and remembers Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Neelam sees it and scolds Rishi and Paro for it which hurts Paro there Rohan is excited to send the video to Rishi and Paro calls Lakshmi to complain about Neelam, who consoles her.

Harleen listens to Paro feeling pity for her.

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