Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2024 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2024 episode starts with the students chanting "lucky teacher" for Lakshmi after she saves Parvati and Pinky from the fire inside.

The principal thanks Lakshmi for saving them from such a huge crisis after which she tells Parvati to go home and take rest for the day while others can return to their classes.

Lakshmi takes Parvati and gets on the tractor with Shalu after which they ride it to home together.

As Lakshmi asks Parvati why she jumped into the fire without thinking about her life, Parvati tells Lakshmi that Pinky was stuck in that horrific fire and her life seemed to be in danger.

Lakshmi says that Parvati should have called someone else for help instead of jumping there by herself to which Parvati asks Lakshmi why she jumped into the fire without calling someone else.

Hearing Parvati's question makes Lakshmi speechless as she says that she did everything because she got worried about Parvati and Pinky.

Lakshmi suddenly notices a burn wound on Parvati's arm and asks her if they need to go to the doctor while Parvati says "Ui baba" as the wound hurts her.

Shalu asks Parvati why she says "ui baba" instead of ui maa to which Parvati replies that it comes naturally to her.

Lakshmi thinks about Rishi who used to say "ui baba" like Parvati and comes back to her senses after Parvati and Shalu call out her name.

Elsewhere, Rishi also asks the same question to Rohan to which he says that he says whatever comes to his mind and wants to know where his mother is.

Rohan says that every friend of his has their mother to accompany them to places and play with but he does not seem to have his mother as Rishi says that she has gone very far away.

Rishi gets silent as Rohan urges him to bring his mother back to him while Parvati also asks Lakshmi where her father is and why he does not stay with them.

Lakshmi says that Parvati's father has gone to a distant place and will not come back to them which makes Parvati upset and she refuses to move until Lakshmi assures that her father is returning.

However, Lakshmi remembers how Rishi insulted her on their last conversation and starts crying which makes Parvati worried and they leave for home together.

The next day, Rohan wraps up Rishi in blankets to wake him up which makes Rishi remember Lakshmi who used to wake him up in the same manner.

A flashback shows how Rishi and Lakshmi decided to name their children Parvati and Rohan but they are not together in the present anymore.

Rohan and Rishi come downstairs for the puja while Shalu receives Rano's call, demanding money that came from farming.

Later, Rishi gets called by the principal of Rohan's school who tells him that Rohan has been selected for the cultural exchange program in which he will go to the village with two more students while some students from the village will come to town instead.

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