Bhagya Lakshmi 13th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ishita bringing Lakshmi and Paro to a room and asks if they like the room while they like it.

Meanwhile, Paro likes the bed and demands to sleep there after which Lakshmi asks her to eat something but Paro says that her stomach is full as she has eaten in the journey so now she just wants to sleep thus Lakshmi let her sleep.

After that, Lakshmi thanks Ishita for helping them even when there is her wedding just then Aranya comes to give clothes to Lakshmi and says they will bring clothes tomorrow for Paro too.

Further, as they go Lakshmi thinks that she won't let anything happen to Paro and she can do anything for that.

On the other hand, Malishka thinks that she has to keep an eye over Rishi and Ayush to get to know about Lakshmi.

In the morning, Oberoi's family gathers to have breakfast while Karishma asks what's in the breakfast after which Harleen asks her to wait for Neelam.

After that, Neelam comes to join them while Kiran also comes and tells them that Lakshmi and Paro have eloped in a bus.

She states that she was in an important meeting in Pune thus can't come yesterday after which the family thinks they might have gone to Gurdaspur.

However, Kiran tells them that it wasn't Gurdaspur's bus but some south indian's place bus after which Malishka gets confused that what Lakshmi will do there.

Meanwhile, Rishi remembers about Lakshmi telling him about her south indian friend Ishita who lives in Tribhasundaram.

Just then, he makes an excuse that he has a meeting in Pune and packs his bag while thinking he'll reach Lakshmi and Paro then Malishka feels strange with his unusual behaviour.

There, Ishita's family does preparation and Aranya seeks her mom permission to go out after which she agrees asking her to come soon then Ishita and Lakshmi come to join them on breakfast while Ishita's Dadi asks Ishita to give Lakshmi a saree to wear.

On the other hand, Malishka comes to the police to question the inspector if she has found Paro or not while the inspector says they are finding but Malishka says to them that Lakshmi and Paro have eloped as Kiran seen them on the bus stand after which she asks her to find them.

Meanwhile, the inspector says that they will check the CCTV footage after which Malishka asks her to find them soon and punish them.

After that, Ishita gives Lakshmi the stuff kept by her mother for Lakshmi while Rishi tries to reach her but can't then Ishita's Dadi scolds Aranya for having an affair after which she asks Lakshmi that when her husband will arrive.

There, Rishi calls Lakshmi again and Paro picks his call after which she confirms that they are with Ishita then Rishi asks Paro to not tell Lakshmi that he is coming there.

Further, Shalu and Lakshmi talk about the lawyer and Shalu says she'll find the lawyer soon after which Shalu asks Ishita to make Lakshmi enjoy her wedding functions.

Later, Ishita tells Lakshmi to not worry as they'll make an excuse again about her husband while Rishi asks the locals in Tribhasundaram village about Ishita's house after which the locals and Vijay misunderstand him as Aranya's boyfriend.

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