Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2023 episode starts with the receptionist asking Rishi curiously if he is the husband of the patient, to which Rishi replies that although the patient isn’t his wife, she means everything to him.

He emotionally watches Lakshmi being checked up with tears in his eyes.

On the other hand, Shalu is anxious and frustrated about the whole situation with nobody contacting her.

Just then, she gets a call from Ayush, which she instantly picks up, asking him what has happened to Lakshmi.

Ayush tells that he has a piece of bad news to disclose, informing her about the fire at the hotel, which utterly shocks Shalu.

He requests her to calm down and tells her that there is no need to worry as Rishi has taken Lakshmi to the hospital and that, he will continue to update her further.

Shalu and Bani pray to the Lord for everything to be alright.

In the hospital, the doctors take Lakshmi for a scan to see if she has any damage in her brain and the doctor pacifies Rishi by telling him to trust their diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Malishka finds Rishi’s car on the road and goes to see if Rishi is inside.

Upon finding the car empty, she desperately prays to the Lord that Rishi is safe and does not take any rash decisions in his attempt to save Lakshmi.

She tries to call him in vain, crying in her helplessness, as she gets back into the car, going back.

Meanwhile, Rishi repeatedly asks the doctors if Lakshmi will be alright to which they advise him to calm down and wait for the results.

He remembers all those times when Lakshmi has taken care of him and is sad that he is not able to do anything for her currently.

The results come out and the doctors disclose to him that Lakshmi needs an operation which might turn out to be risky, possibly making Lakshmi lose her memory or even go into a coma.

Rishi is scared but requests the doctors to proceed with whatever measures they find which will save Lakshmi, and they take her into the OT.

On the other hand, Virendra tries calling people to know about Rishi and Lakshmi’s whereabouts in vain, which distresses Neelam greatly.

Dadi asks Neelam if she is worried about Rishi or Lakshmi.

Neelam, overpowered by her anguish shrieks, telling everyone that her son is important to her whom she knows nothing about as of now which is worrying her.

Just then, she gets a call from Malishka who informs her sorrowfully that Rishi has met with an accident with his dashing with a tree.

Agony takes over Neelam as she blames Lakshmi for all the unfavourable situations incurring their family while looking at Dadi.

At the same time, Ayush comes to the place and brightly informs all of them that he has just got information from a hospital where Rishi must have taken Lakshmi to.

They all rush to that hospital together, mildly relieved that Rishi isn't hurt.

In the hospital, Rishi stares at the mirror helplessly, overcome by grief.

He regrets not being able to ever give happiness to Lakshmi and remembers the events of how Lakshmi has saved his life on so many occasions, even after all the sorrows which he has given her.

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