Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Paro telling Lakshmi that Neelam scolded her and Rishi when he was making her hair while Rohan drops his glass as Lakshmi rushes to him.

Meanwhile, Harleen comes and talks to Lakshmi saying that she doesn't need to worry about Paro.

Harleen gives the phone back to Paro as she complains about Neelam to Shalu and cries.

Harleen wipes her tears as she says that Neelam scolds her a lot while Harleen asks her what Lakshmi said.

Paro tells her that Lakshmi told her to behave politely with everyone while Harleen tells her that she will talk about it to Neelam.

On the other hand, Rohan trips as he tries to record a video for Rishi while Dadi comes to help her and accidentally puts the phone in her basket of chilies that she is about to grind.

Back at Oberoi's, Rishi comes and compliments her hairstyle.

Harleen and Paro talk while she says that she is Harleen's friend as Harleen says that she always wanted such a friend and mentions Lakshmi saying that she was her and Rishi's friend.

Harleen leaves as Rishi talks to Paro while she complains about Neelam to Rishi.

This makes Rishi say that there is love in Neelam's scolding while Paro says that he is just like Lakshmi.

Rishi recalls how he broke all ties with Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Rohan searches for his phone and he finds out that it is in the grinder.

On the flip side, Rishi waits for Rohan to send the video as Paro tells him to call Rohan instead of waiting.

Concurrently, Karishma talks to someone on the phone while Paro plays with a ball that hits her phone and it falls.

She apologizes but Karishma demeans her saying that she doesn't even know how much this costs.

Paro talks back to her as she says that she did it by mistake and this could have happened by her.

This makes her angry as she throws a ball and it hits her only while Paro makes her fun and runs away.

Karishma searches for her as she asks Aayush if he has seen her.

On the other hand, Rohan tells Lakshmi that his phone broke while she says that Shalu will get her another phone and then he can send the video via the new phone.

Subsequently, Aayush covers for Paro as he says that he doesn't know where she is and further asks why would he save Paro as she is such a naughty and talkative girl.

Later, Karishma goes away as Aayush calls Paro out while Paro says that she is upset with him because he complained about her to Karishma.

He explains to her that what he said was all false and he said so to save her from Karishma and says that he loves her.

He asks her not to mess with anyone here as Paro tells him what all happened which makes Karishma angry.

They both talk while Ayush tells her not to harm anyone while Rishi, on the other hand, tries to connect to Rohan but can't so he calls Lakshmi.

She hands the phone to Rohan as he tells Rishi that his phone is broken while Rishi asks him not to be upset and disconnects the call and leaves for his meeting.

Meanwhile, Neelam's legs pain as Paro goes to massage her legs but she does like it and scolds her away.

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