Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 episode starts with Virendra telling Neelam not to order Rishi to choose between Lakshmi and her.

Neelam however yells that she does not want her son, Rishi to live with a bad omen, a criminal like Lakshmi in an emotional voice.

Rishi puts his hand on Neelam’s shoulder who in return puts Rishi’s hand on her head and orders him to swear.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Malishka informs Kiran she has everything under control, and enraged Kiran announces she will reveal the truth to Lakshmi.

While Malishka struggles to keep Kiran in the room, Kiran cringes in pain and Malishka helps Kiran to let down.

In the meantime, Sonal is pacing in the hallway thinking Kiran does not care about her own daughter and Malishka arrives there.

When Malishka informs Sonal that Kiran has regained consciousness, Sonal sarcastically remarks Kiran is sliding with Lakshmi ignoring her own daughter, Malishka.

Malishka however, informs Sonal angrily that Kiran is a nice lady that’s why she is thinking about Lakshmi to protect Malishka, but Sonal laughs sarcastically.

On the other hand in Oberoi's mansion, Lakshmi promises Neelam that she will walk away if Kiran takes her name but Neelam orders her to stay quiet as she is talking to her son.

Rishi, however, promises Neelam that he will throw Lakshmi out if she is proven guilty. Neelam announces that promises are the same for her as a relationship.

After Neelam storms away, Virendra along with Harleen questions Rishi why he did this, and turning to Lakshmi, Rishi informs her with full conviction that he knows Lakshmi can never do this who just stares at him with glistering tears.

Meanwhile in the hospital, while Kiran is thinking she will tell Lakshmi the truth, Sonal enters the room after switching off the light.

Thinking Lakshmi is in front of her, Kiran starts mumbling that how Sonal was behind the accident but not Malishka, and Sonal switches on the light.

Sonal then informs Kiran in a cold voice that if she takes her name she will reveal Malishka was also involved and Malishka enters the room after locking the door.

Sonal even puts her hand on Kiran’s mouth when they hear a knock and Rishi feels confused seeing the door locked.

However afterward, Malishka opens the door and the whole Oberoi family enters the room.

The police also arrive there and order Kiran to give her statement who looks perplexed as she feels torn about what to do.

While Kiran takes her time to decide what to say, Sonal thinks today Kiran will reveal her name whereas Malishka feels scared as she knows Sonal mess with whoever causes trouble for her.

However, Kiran announces that she thought Lakshmi will save her but instead, Lakshmi pushed her in front of the car and everyone looks shocked except Neelam.

Meanwhile, Shalu and Ayush are walking in the hall and Ayush urges her not to worry.

Later, Harleen questions Kiran about why she is telling this but Kiran sticks to the plan.

Lakshmi denies the allegation and requests Kiran to recall properly but Malishka calls Lakshmi shameless for blaming Kiran.

When Lakshmi begs Malishka to reveal the truth, Sonal butts in announcing the truth never stays in dark.

Rishi and Virendra both urge Kiran to speak the truth and Kiran announces Lakshmi is at fault today.

The police then order Kiran not to change her statement under anyone’s pressure.

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