Bhagya Lakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi going to his office as he imagines Lakshmi calling him with some files while he is shocked to see her.

He goes near her and touches her cheek as he cannot believe himself and his phone rings.

As soon as he receives his call, she disappears.

On the other hand, Paro plays as she finds a fake lizard and plans to impress Neelam using it.

She goes and sticks it to her saree and pretends to see it and shouts lizard while Neelam gets scared.

Paro asks her to calm down as she takes it out and throws it away.

Accidentally, the lizard falls into Anushka's juice and she drops the glass while Paro worries that now everyone will scold her again.

Concurrently, Rishi talks to Aayush and says he feels attached to Paro and he wants to do something for her.

Back at home, Anushka realizes that the lizard is fake as Neelam asks her to bring it there while she scolds Paro saying that her mother must have taught all this to her.

Paro gets furious as she asks her why she brings Lakshmi into every conversation while Neelam is about to slap her.

She takes her inside as she asks her to call her mother right now and ask her to take her away.

Paro cries and pleads in front of her while Neelam shouts at her mercilessly and forces her to call Lakshmi.

She calls her as she cries which makes Lakshmi worried and Anushka takes the phone from Paro.

She asks Lakshmi to take Paro away while Lakshmi asks her what has she done.

Anushka doesn't tell her and insists she take Paro away.

Lakshmi informs everyone that she is going to the city to take Paro.

Subsequently, Neelam and Karishma keep disrespecting Lakshmi as Paro cries and asks her not to talk this way about Her.

Just when Lakshmi goes out, she sees Rohan riding a bicycle as he is about to get injured but Lakshmi saves her.

On the flip side, Neelam drags Paro out and instructs her to stay out until her mother comes.

Paro requests her not to be so harsh on her while Shalu searches for Lakshmi to accompany her.

Subsequently, Paro says sorry to Neelam as Neelam gets furious and Karishma supports her.

Anushka tells them that Lakshmi sounded sweet while talking but seeing Paro's mischievousness, she doesn't seem to have done a good parenting.

Neelam says that their life has been destroyed by Lakshmi earlier and this time she will show Lakshmi her place.

Elsewhere, Lakshmi waits for the bus as two men come and trouble her while Shalu comes there and they go away.

Concurrently, a thief snatches Lakshmi's purse which has all the money as they follow him but can't catch him.

In the meantime, Rohan calls Rishi and asks him what is going on there as Rishi is clueless while he tells him that Lakshmi is going to the city to take Paro.

Dadi tells him that Neelam called Lakshmi to take her away.

Meanwhile, Harleen finds Paro standing outside as she takes in and asks everyone why they have kept out outside as Neelam tells her the backstory.

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