Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi asking to Lakshmi why she is talking like that if she feels happy by talking like this or she thinks it's a way to look cool then it's not.

He says that she shouldn't say that words which she doesn't mean from the heart as if we repeats a lie it becomes true for them like as she says that she doesn't want to talk with him.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says that she wish Rishi would have thought the same lately after which Rishi notices pain in Lakshmi's eyes and decides to leave.

However, Lakshmi tries to stop him saying Malishka is outside while Rishi opens the door anyway and Malishka isn't there.

After that, Lakshmi tries to leave but Rishi stops her saying lately she wanted him to stay but now she is leaving what she wants, while Lakshmi says why should she stay back with Malishka's husband.

There, Anushka and Ayush do shopping where Ayush likes a shirt but Anushka doesn't like it so she tries to put it back on the rack taking it from Ayush while Shalu sees this and misunderstands the situation.

Further, Anushka and Shalu argue for the shirt while Ayush ends the fight tricking Anushka after which Shalu leaves giving the shirt to Ayush.

On the other hand, Lakshmi taunts Rishi for his seventh wedding anniversary while Rishi says that Lakshmi should have talked to him after knowing about his marriage with Malishka so he would have explained her the reason but she said hurtful words to him.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says that nothing can be fixed between them so they decide to part ways after which Lakshmi meets Paro who asks her about the dress but Lakshmi asks her to buy it if she wants so Paro takes the dress to Shalu.

After that, Lakshmi thinks she has to leave before Rishi sees Paro while Malishka comes to her and agrees.

Further, she alleges Lakshmi for staying there to get money from Rishi using Paro and offers her money to leave with Paro.

However, Lakshmi rebukes Malishka for her deed stating she'll leave after Paro's event but Malishka says there Rishi would find Paro's truth.

Just then, Paro sees them arguing while Lakshmi takes her from there covering while Rohan comes to Ayush and they share a happy moment after which Anushka comes and sees shirt with Ayush.

After that, she gets happy thinking she won and asks Ayush to stay away from Shalu as she hates her.

Further, Rishi and Lakshmi console themselves by hugging Rohan and Paro just then Paro goes to meet Rishi and wanted to meet him meet with Lakshmi.

However, Lakshmi hides and Malishka makes an excuse to stop their meet after which Paro goes to get Shalu while Rishi and Lakshmi see each other when Rishi was leaving.

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