Bhagya Lakshmi 15th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Lakshmi running hurriedly and wondering where is Shalu.

Then, Ranjit comes there with Lakshmi's bag and tells her how the goon was passing by him and he gets back Lakshmi's bag from him.

After that, Lakshmi thanks him while Ranjit tries to flirt just then Shalu comes and doesn't like Ranjit's presence there.

However, Lakshmi stops her and then they board the bus, while Rishi thinks about why Lakshmi is coming to take back Paro suddenly.

There, Harleen defends Paro in front of Neelam asking why she is even not feeling pity for Paro while Neelam says that she has been feeling pity for her until now that's why was letting her stay there, but she keeps troubling them and not changing her ways and says that's why she can't live here anymore.

After that, Paro goes from there sadly and stands out of the main gate. 

On the other hand, Rishi thinks that if Lakshmi takes Paro back then Paro will be disheartened so he has to meet Lakshmi and convince her to let Paro stay there.

Meanwhile, Shalu and Paro discuss on a bus what could be the reason that Oberoi's family called them hurriedly to take back Paro and decide to talk with her and call on the landline.

There, Harleen asks Paro to come inside until Lakshmi comes there to take back Paro while Shalu calls them and Anushka talks with her and asks her to come fast without asking the reason over the call.

After that, Anushka tells the same to Neelam and Karishma while Karishma comments over Lakshmi that she isn't worried about her daughter, which triggers Paro but Harleen calms her and takes her to the room with her until Lakshmi comes.

Further, Paro tells Harleen that she just wanted to win Neelam's heart and didn't have intentions to prank her, to which, Harleen calms her saying Lakshmi is coming so the misunderstanding will be solved, while Shalu gives the idea to Lakshmi to call Rishi to know about the matter but Lakshmi stops her saying maybe he has no idea about it.

Just then, Lakshmi gets stopped on a stoppage and doesn't move as a person comes and talks with the driver while Lakshmi and Shalu wonder what's happening.

There, Rishi comes home in a hurry and goes to check on Paro while Harleen lifts Paro's mood by playing a game with her.

Rishi comes and expresses his worry for Paro as he listens that Lakshmi is coming to take her back, after which Harleen and Paro tell him the matter.

Meanwhile, Karishma instigates Neelam saying now Rishi will side with Paro like he used to do for Lakshmi and then they come there.

After that, Rishi tries to explain Paro's intentions to Neelam and says that Lakshmi is taking good care of Rohan there so they shouldn't hate Paro too, to which Neelam agrees to let Paro stay there until Rohan comes back.

Further, Rishi decides to call Lakshmi to ask her to cancel her arrival there, while Lakshmi gets to know about the bus taking a long route ahead due to an accident.

Just then, she receives Rishi's call.

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