Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2023 episode starts with Lakshmi trying to put the Gajra in her hair while Vikrant calls her beautiful and starts the car.

On the other hand, Bani walks ahead as Shalu walks slowly and gets upset thinking about Rishi and Lakshmi.

Aayush comes after her and tells her to not cry since he will start crying too and tells her that their goal to see Lakshmi happy.

He tells her that everything will be alright and tells her to not cry for him.

Shalu nods and goes home as instructed by Aayush.

At Oberoi's house, Harleen sits with Virender while crying that Lakshmi will leave the house soon.

Virender tells her that he feels like they had a connection with Lakshmi from the past.

Harleen reveals to him that she had hoped that Lakshmi will once again become the daughter-in-law of the house but now Vikrant and Lakshmi's Roka has been done.

She asks Virender if they have done right by fixing Vikrant and Lakshmi's marriage to which Virender reveals that he thinks they have hurried a little with it.

Back at the hotel, the host introduces the couple's competition to celebrate the silver jubilee of the hotel and welcomes the special 200th couple who will be walking through the door.

Vikrant and Lakshmi make their entry with a spotlight and clap while Malishka and Rishi get shocked to see them.

Malishka complains that Rishi must have told them while Rishi tells her to not be rude and that he did not tell anyone anything.

The host gives them a gift and Vikrant and Lakshmi sit while Malishka goes over to them.

Malishka tells them that it is a coincidence while grinding her teeth as Rishi's eyes fall on Gajra in Lakshmi's eyes and get jealous recalling his and Lakshmi's moments together.

The host tells the guests that they will be playing some games and that it is not a competition while telling the guests to come forward.

Malishka stands up saying that she and Rishi are the best couple and the host agrees while she also tells Lakshmi to have one last competition with her before marriage.

Rishi tries to stop Malishka while Lakshmi stands up and tells Malishka that she is ready for their last competition.

Later, Rishi calls Neelam and tells her to have her medicines after being reminded by Lakshmi while Neelam gets happy thinking that Rishi remembers her even though being far from her.

An alarm goes off on Neelam's phone just then and Karishma asks about it while guessing that it must have been for the medicines.

Neelam says that Rishi must have done that while Karishma jokes stating that Aayush should learn from Rishi.

Back at the hotel, the three couples, Rahul-Simran, Kajol-Karan, and Mohini-Prabhu along with Rishi-Malishka and Vikrant-Lakshmi introduce themselves to the host.

Neelam praises Rishi while saying that Rishi used to listen to her every order but has now turned against her because of Lakshmi.

The host asks the couple what is the most important in a relationship and shows them a wet cloth with three knots in it saying that knots of trust and belief in their partners are the most important.

On that note, the host tells the couple that they will have to use only their non-dominant hand and untie the three knots to win the round.

The host tells them that one couple will be eliminated while the rest four will go into the next round.

All the couples manage to open the first note while the host reveals that the next two knots are much harder since they have been soaked in water.

At home, Karishma asks Neelam about the dates when Lakshmi will be in danger and asks if Lakshmi will be alive till the last date.

Just then, they get shocked to hear a thud as Aayush's phone falls from his hands having heard everything.

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