Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Lakshmi asking Paro to change the clothes while Shalu comes and asks Lakshmi the change of 100 rupees to give it to Vishu.

After that, Lakshmi gives her the money while some coins falls on the ground and Lakshmi takes it back by touching them to forehead.

Meanwhile, Paro sees it and asks why she touched money to forehead after which Lakshmi tells her that it's because money belongs to Goddess Lakshmi.

Further, Paro questions Lakshmi about the mall incident and asks if Malishka doesn't believe that money belongs to Goddess Lakshmi.

However, Lakshmi covers it up and sends Paro away to change while Shalu asks her what happened after which Malishka and Kiran discuss how Lakshmi didn't take money and Kiran says that Lakshmi hasn't changed.

Meanwhile, Malishka angrily says that Kiran shouldn't praise Lakshmi but Kiran says she is just saying what's the truth after which Neelam is shown coming to Malishka's room.

There, Shalu expresses her disappointment for Malishka while Lakshmi says that she is more worried because she doesn't want Rishi to know that Paro is his daughter and Malishka knows it.

On the other hand, Malishka says that if Lakshmi doesn't leave Mumbai after the annual function she'll not let her stay there while Kiran asks what she'll do, after which Malishka says that she'll attack on Lakshmi's weak point Paro and make sure that Paro gets terrified with the mere thought of coming there.

Meanwhile, Neelam listens to it coming there and questions Malishka why she hates Paro so much out of the sudden.

After that, Lakshmi decides to leave to the village even before the annual function and books the tickets while Paro listens to it coming there.

Paro gets adamant on not going back to the village as she doesn't want to lose Rishi and Rohan while Shalu and Lakshmi try to convince her but in vain.

There, Malishka lies that Rohan has started feeling like everyone loves Paro more thus she doesn't want Rohan to gain any complex that's why she doesn't want Paro to come there.

However, Neelam says that she doesn't want unnecessary hate for Paro as it's not her morals just then Rishi comes and questions the matter but they cover.

Further, Malishka thinks that Rishi isn't with her yet even though being with her but she'll make sure it happens.

On the other hand, Paro gets adamant on living in Mumbai while Lakshmi asks her to sleep for now as they'll talk tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Rishi and Ayush talk about Lakshmi where Ayush makes Rishi realize that he and family have done so wrong with Lakshmi thus her anger is justified.

He advises him to give some times to the things and wishes for their reunion while in the morning Paro is ready to go to the school and gets firm on the decision of not leaving Mumbai.

This makes Lakshmi angry on her and she is about to slap her but soon she realizes her mistake and tries to convince Paro.

However, Paro leaves for the school getting sad.

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