Bhagya Lakshmi 16th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi refusing to talk on the call from the office being frustrated while Rohan comes and cheer up his mood after which Rishi asks him if he knows that Paro is returning to the village with her mom.

Meanwhile, Rohan says that Paro hasn't told him anything about it that means it would be false after which Rishi thinks that Teacher Lakshmi hasn't told Paro about their return.

Just then, Ayush comes and asks Rishi why he isn't taking calls from the office while Rishi says he needs a break thus he is going to his Pune's farmhouse for one day.

After that, Malishka comes and says that she is also going there with Rishi while Rohan leaves for the school.

There, Shalu says to Lakshmi that she shouldn't have scolded Paro as she is already sad while Lakshmi says that she is doing it for Paro's betterment as if Rishi gets to know Paro is his daughter.

Then, he will snatch Paro from her and give her fatherly love but when Paro will start trusting him he'll leave her while Paro comes to the class and sits with Rohan.

Meanwhile, the teacher asks the boys and girls to do rehearsal for the play and asks the girls to tie a thread on boys wrist as per Raksha Bandhan theme.

On the other hand, Lakshmi says that Rishi does the same with her, he made promises to her but then trouble her to the extent so she got forced to leave him.

She says that if Paro gets hurt she'll die as she can't see her in pain while Paro gets emotional after tying thread to Rohan and leaves the class after which Rohan follows her.

There, Shalu consoles Lakshmi that nothing will happen to Paro as they are with her and they'll leave today as Lakshmi has decided.

Meanwhile, Paro tells Rohan that Lakshmi is adamant to take her back to the village while he says he has an idea to stop Lakshmi.

Further, Malishka gets to know that Anushka has met Shalu but didn't reveal Shalu identity to her to hide about Lakshmi after which she decides to warn Anushka later about Shalu.

On the other hand, Rohan gives Paro an idea that they can go to their Pune's farmhouse until they get any good idea to convince Lakshmi and Paro agrees after which they decide to go home to take money.

There, Rishi messages teacher Lakshmi to convince her to not leave Mumbai but Lakshmi talks rudely with him and stays firm on her decision.

Just then, teacher Bindiya comes who tells Lakshmi that the village isn't good to live now due to Ranjit and his dad after knowing about Lakshmi's decision but Lakshmi decides to go to the village anyway.

Further, Malishka takes Neelam's blessings for her television speech on under privileged children while Neelam gives her tips for it which Kiran finds rude.

After that, Rohan and Paro come home which irk Malishka while Kiran asks her to calm down and Rohan steals money from Rishi's clothes even after Paro stopping him while Anushka sees them.

Anushka thinks something is fishy while Malishka plans to do something to make Neelam angry on Paro.

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