Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2023 episode starts with Lakshmi arguing with Rishi telling them both groom and bride should be in the pooja.

Rishi smiles as he tells her to look closely and states that from her perspective, his pooja is happening and from his perspective, her pooja is happening.

Shalu and Aayush praise Rishi's unique solution while Harleen tells him to come back to his place beside Lakshmi for the Grihapravesh.

Lakshmi holds his hand as she kicks the Kalash and enters the house with her footprints making the family members look at the couple happily.

Elsewhere, Neelam throws all the toys into the basket as she orders the servant to put the basket in the storeroom.

Virender's shocking joke

She watches the frame of her and Rishi as she calls back Mukesh and throws the frame along with the rest of the toys in the basket.

He leaves while Neelam vents to Karishma that she does not keep anything of Rishi since he does not care about her either.

She sobs that if Rishi can live without her, she doesn't need him too.

Back at Rishi's house, the family sits happily as they talk about how smoothly the marriage happened and how they will only have happiness in their lives.

Aayush and others tell Rishi and Lakshmi that they are always with her.

Rano states that she is supposed to go to the Oberoi house for the Pag Phera ritual, but due to the condition, she can come to her house and Rishi can take her back later.

Shalu talks about her cooking and invites Aayush too when he teases her that she doesn't make tasty food.

Harleen and Virender state that they should leave while Lakshmi gets emotional as she asks how will she stay without them.

Harleen hugs her telling her that they will continue to come by and bless her for happiness and tell Rishi to take care of her.

Virender tells Rano to come with them as they will drop her off while she states that she'll leave by rickshaw.

Harleen says that they are equal while Virender says that they cannot be equal shocking them.

Neelam fights with Harleen

However, Virender completes his sentence by stating that the house Lakshmi is born in is superior to theirs making Harleen agree.

Further, Aayush and Bani-Shalu talk about how Rishi and Lakshmi met each other first and how they were meant to be together.

Later, Virender and Harleen return home as they talk about themselves stating that they need to bring Lakshmi and Rishi together.

Harleen talks about how Lakshmi had said that she misses the family and they enter the house to have Karishma mockingly ask them if they got the marriage done.

Virender with a smile says that yes the marriage got done and that it would have been better if they had come.

Harleen tells them to let go of their stubbornness while Neelam speaks up stating that they are seeing her stubbornness but not Rishi's.

As Harleen is about to scold her, Neelam tells her that she is not talking to her and says that she is happy that at least they didn't bring Lakshmi and Rishi home.

Virender asks her what would have happened if he did bring them while she tells him angrily that he will see it when he brings them home for real and leaves.

Karishma leaves telling Lakshmi to not make another mistake.

Aayush makes Shalu-Bani leaves

Meanwhile, Aayush tries to get Shalu and Bani out of the house so that Rishi and Lakshmi can stay undisturbed as it's their first night after marriage.

They all three stand up but Rishi stops them making Bani and Shalu sit down again in a teasing manner.

Aayush scolds the sisters stating that they should leave while Bani and Shalu ask Rishi for Nek as it's their right and tells Aayush to ask for it.

Rishi says that no one is on his side and Aayush runs to his side while Shalu and Aayush get into a banter.

Aayush states that he will not give Nek when he marries Shalu making everyone stumped while he states that it's not what he meant and changes the topic.

Rishi pulls out his wallet and his face falls seeing no money in it while Aayush gives the Nek being Groom's brother.

The trio leaves while they sit at a tea stand and talk about how Lakshmi and Rishi passed through hurdles and got married as they are meant for each other.

Malishka talks crazily about her first night with Rishi while on the other hand, Rishi brings turmeric milk for Lakshmi and tells her how filmy everything looks.

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