Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi making a call to Lakshmi while Paro snatches the phone from him saying she wants to talk with her mother.

There, Ayush decides to do a walk after completing his work but just then his dad comes to him, and they have a talk while having tea.

Further, Ayush's dad asks Ayush where is Rishi, to which he replies that Rishi has gone home due to Paro while Ayush's dad states that Rishi and Paro share a good bond but Rishi sometimes looks lost around Paro.

After that, Ayush thinks that Rishi remembers Lakshmi through Paro don't know why.

There, Paro talks with Lakshmi and asks her to not come there as she wants to stay here only, and when Lakshmi asks the reason for her previous call, to which Paro lies that she was just missing her.

Further, Paro ends the call, and her talks make Dadi remember Lakshmi while Paro says their Lakshmi and her mom are similar.

On the other hand, Lakshmi is upset with Paro's step as it scared them while Shalu takes it lightly and states that Paro is like Rishi but then apologizes to Lakshmi for mentioning Rishi.

However, Lakshmi asks her to not take it seriously as they can't erase the past and it's the truth that Paro is Rishi's daughter.

There, Rishi and Dadi share some happy moments with Paro while she demands to eat Dal, Chawal, and Kheer on Rishi asking her.

Meanwhile, Karishma confronts Neelam for letting Paro stay there, to which Neelam says that she is tolerating Paro as she doesn't want to take favor of Lakshmi she keeps Rohan with her.

On the other hand, Lakshmi's Dadi makes Rohan eat kheer while they talk about Paro, as Lakshmi and Shalu are back home, Rohan demands to talk with Rishi and Paro so Lakshmi gives him the phone.

As Rohan video calls Rishi, in between the calls Rishi notices Lakshmi's back and gets restless to see her face but they share a hit-and-miss moment.

Further, a servant gives Rishi a glass of juice and he heads to the office while drinking juice, just then he meets Paro and Paro thanks him after knowing he has come leaving his work for her.

Later, she asks him to tell her about their Lakshmi, while Karishma comes there and bad-mouths Lakshmi calling her clever and unlucky.

After that, she compares Lakshmi and Paro's mother which angers Rishi and he breaks the glass in his hand.

Further, he dreams about Lakshmi treating his wound, after which Paro treats him in reality.

There, the villagers give honor to Lakshmi and call her lucky for them as everything is going well after she arrives in the village also they get good crops this year.

Meanwhile, Rohan sees this, after which Lakshmi's family praises her and then they worry about their crop's safety when Rohan reminds them about the goons.

After that, Lakshmi decides to sell crops at a low rate to keep them safe which makes them sad.

On the other hand, Rishi blames himself for Lakshmi's death.

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