Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2023 episode starts with Ayush entering his room restlessly.

He tries to calm down, and drinks a glass of water but, the thought that Lakshmi's life is in danger keeps driving him crazy.

Since Ayush tries to calm down himself, he keeps muttering that nothing should happen to Lakshmi and decides to tell Harleen and Virendra.

Elsewhere, during the best couple championship, it's time for the footwear of female partners and competition goes on between the top three couples.

As Rishi, Vikrant, and keep searching for footwear, Malishka, and Karan's Partner cheer for them while Lakshmi stays quiet.

However, Malishka gets upset at first since Vikrant finds Lakshmi's footwear and she starts cheering Rishi aggressively.

Just then, Karan finds his partner's footwear and runs toward the stage but accidentally, falls on the floor.

In the meantime, Rishi finds Malishka's footwear but, rather than running toward the stage, Rishi helps Karan to get up and wins second place by playing a fair game.

The anchor announces the last round as a conversation round.

On the other hand, Neelam gets worried after knowing that Vikrant and Lakshmi are present in the same hotel, as Rishi and Malishka, and shouts that why Lakshmi and Rishi always end up being together.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, the anchor announces about the round that she will ask the question and they have to write answers on the paper.

Anchor asks if it's right to betray someone in love, and then starts with Malishka's answer where she replies everything is fair in love and war.

After that, Rishi replies as betrayal should count as betrayal, and reason doesn't matters.

Then after, Lakshmi answers as if someone is betraying in the name of love then it is not even love, and gets a standing ovation from the audience.

Finally, Rishi replies that betrayal is okay if you are doing it for a good purpose.

As a final question, the anchor asks what is the power of a person.

Malishka answers as their brain, Rishi answers their kindness, Lakshmi answers their family and relationship while Vikrant answers their name and their family's name.

Since the anchor announces an extra round, as the previous round was a tie makes Malishka insecure and she asks the anchor to announce her and Rishi as the best couple.

However, the anchor announces a musical chair game for deciding the best couple and splits the game between the males and females.

At the end of the round, Rishi and Lakshmi win and remain unaware while facing opposite to each other.

Since the anchor announces Rishi and Lakshmi as the best couple they get a surprise while Vikrant states that would have been best if wouldn't divorced.

Vikrant tells Rishi that he will try to become like him, however, Malishka just goes crazy in her mind.

On the other hand, Neelam is irritated as Virendra keeps asking the reason for her restlessness and she replies to him to stop asking the questions as if he cares for her.

Later, in the car, Malishka gets angry with Rishi while asking why he won the competition when she lost.

Malishka starts arguing with Rishi for winning the game with Lakshmi which makes him annoyed.

Since Malishka says that Rishi can even marry Lakshmi if it's possible, Rishi gets irate and replies yes he can do it.

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