Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Kiran asking Malishka what she'll do while Malishka asks her to wait and watch.

Just then, Neelam comes there to give Malishka the papers related to her interviews while Malishka murmurs Kiran to stop Neelam so she can proceed her plan.

After that, Kiran asks Neelam to have a tea with her and chit-chat as they haven't talked for a long while Neelam agrees.

Meanwhile, Paro and Rohan come there and Malishka goes to them and asks where they are going.

She adds, that if Paro is up to do some mischief while Rohan says he is going to drop Paro home just then, as they pass by Neelam, Malishka drops a rubber lizard on Neelam to scare her and puts the blame on Paro.

Further, Neelam gets angry on Paro and scolds her and declares that she wants to meet her mother which makes Malishka tensed and she calms Neelam down.

After that, Rohan and Paro left while Lakshmi talks with Bindiya just then Shalu comes and meet Bindiya.

Meanwhile, Rano comes and Lakshmi introduces Bindiya to her and asks the permission to let Bindiya stay there for a day while Rano reluctantly agrees for it due to Bindiya.

After that, Bindiya thanks her for letting her stay even though Lakshmi and Shalu are returning to the village which shocks Rano while Lakshmi sends Shalu to the kitchen to fill the grains.

Further, Paro says to Rohan that she hasn't done the lizard prank while Rohan shows his trust on Paro after which they left the place in auto while the driver Ram tries to stop them but in vain.

There, Rano comes to Shalu and asks her that why they are returning to the village while Shalu tells him how Lakshmi doesn't want Rishi to stay near them and Malishka had offered money to Lakshmi to leave Mumbai.

However, Lakshmi hasn't accepted it which disappoints Rano while Lakshmi comes and says she can raise her daughter alone after which Paro and Rohan come to a bus stand and wait for Pune's bus just then 2 goons decide to kidnap them to sell.

They tricks Rohan and Paro to come with them under the pretext of leaving them in Pune while Rishi and Lakshmi feels tensed and Lakshmi decides to go to Rohan's house to pick Paro and takes Bindiya with her.

The kidnappers car got broken on the signal where Rohan and Paro hide from Lakshmi as she is near them but can't see them.

There, at Oberoi's house everyone worries for Rohan and Rishi thinks to go to Paro's house to bring Rohan back while Lakshmi sends Bindiya inside to bring Paro.

Further, Malishka stops Rishi and sends him to get freshen up first while Bindiya comes and asks for Paro which makes the family confused just then Ram tells them Rohan and Paro have left in auto rickshaw.

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