Bhagya Lakshmi 18th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi coming into the room and thinks why Rohan hasn't come back yet after which he decides to message teacher Lakshmi to know if Rohan is there as he hasn't returned home.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi is shocked to see the message and informs Rishi that Rohan and Paro aren't there which shocks Rishi.

Just then, Ayush and Anushka come and inform Rishi that Rohan and Paro have eloped from the house stealing money from his pant.

After that, Anushka tells how she heard Paro telling Rohan that they shouldn't steal money and also she saw his pant in Rohan's hand but she couldn't understand then what they did after which Ayush and Rishi leave to search Rohan and Paro while Anushka follows them.

Further, Bindiya also tells Lakshmi about Rohan and Paro's disappearance which shocks her while the goons blindfolded Rohan and Paro by tricking them.

They say that there is a surprise for them thus Rohan and Paro have to be blindfolded after which Rohan and Paro feel fishy but let them make them blindfolded.

After that, a goon says that now they can't escape or see the way to their place while Lakshmi and Bindiya bump on Ayush and Rishi.

Meanwhile, Ayush gets emotional seeing Lakshmi after years and they remember their moments after which Ayush fell in Lakshmi's feet and apologize to her.

However, Rishi asks him to not apologize as no one cares about his apology taunting Lakshmi after which Rishi asks teacher Bindiya to come with them to search Rohan and Paro misunderstanding her as Paro's mother.

Further, Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is here to talk with him then they'll talk later while Lakshmi says that she is Paro's mother friend and they are just searching for kids.

After that, Lakshmi along with others in the car leaves while Anushka sees them going from behind while Rohan and Paro are brought to a dark place where they remove their blindfolds and see the other tied kids.

Later, Anushka tells Malishka about Rishi and Ayush departure with Bindiya and one another lady after which Malishka understands she is Lakshmi and worries.

There, Kiran tells Neelam that Paro has taken Rohan from the house as she scolded her which makes Neelam angry and she calls Rishi.

She blames Rishi to bring Paro to their house that's why she has taken Rohan from their house today while Lakshmi listens to it.

On the other hand, Rohan and Paro get to know about the goons and they try to escape with the other kids while Harleen scolds Neelam for scolding Paro.

Further, Rishi and Lakshmi reach school where Lakshmi complains about Neelam's behaviour with Paro while Rishi says why she is reacting when even Bindiya didn't say anything.

After that, Lakshmi spills that Bindiya isn't the mother.

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