Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2023 episode starts with Rishi sitting in his room while his eyes get teary recalling Vikrant thanking him for divorcing Lakshmi.

Just then, Aayush comes there and congratulates Rishi for finding the perfect guy for Lakshmi while asking him why he is not celebrating.

Aayush addresses Lakshmi as Rishi's best friend and tells him that Lakshmi is soon going to marry Vikrant and leaves them.

He continues testing by saying that Malishka, the girl Rishi loves immensely is going to marry Rishi while Lakshmi is going to leave everyone.

Aayush tries to keep his tears at bay as he leaves the room thinking that he knows Rishi is immensely affected by Lakshmi's marriage getting fixed.

The next morning, the family sits to have breakfast while Harleen makes Lakshmi and tells her to not make breakfast for them anymore.

Lakshmi apologizes thinking that she has made a mistake while Karishma and others taunt Lakshmi saying that they have made a mistake.

However, Harleen clarifies that she is habituated to food prepared by Lakshmi but she will have to get rid of that habit since Lakshmi is going to leave them.

The family continues eating as Neelam states that she has talked to the Pandit to select the dates for Lakshmi's marriage.

Rishi states that he wants to get Lakshmi and Vikrant's birth charts matched and Neelam agrees not wanting to argue.

Malishka tells Rishi that they will get married before Lakshmi while Rishi states that he does not want to marry her shocking everyone.

Rishi looks at Malishka and clarifies that he will not marry until Lakshmi gets married.

Neelam ends the conversation by stating that she will tell Pandit to find a date before the date fixed for Rishi and Malishka's marriage.

Later, Neelam talks to Vikrant's mother who also tells her to find the earliest date possible and disconnects the call the Pandit arrives home.

The Pandit apologizes to Neelam for what happened last time while Neelam also apologizes for the harsh words she used previously.

They sit and Neelam asks him about the Kundali (birth chart) and the Pandit looks at her sternly asking her if she trusts him, since he will only will able to say something if she believes in him.

Neelam agrees and the Pandit informs her that he has matched the birth charts but there is a problem.

On the other hand, Rishi is in his room when Mukesh enters the room with the juice for him.

Seeing the second glass, Rishi asks him and Mukesh informs him about Pandit's presence in the Oberoi house.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Aayush is admiring Shalu while she gets shy and tells him to not look at her.

However, Aayush teases her by saying that he is not looking at her but is looking at the girl sitting behind her.

Getting angry, Shalu tells him to never look at her anymore while Aayush tells her that he cannot stop himself from gazing at her face.

Shalu asks him what is the good news he wanted to share with her and Aayush starts beating around the bush saying that Rishi feels very upset about Lakshmi getting married to Vikrant.

Realizing that Aayush is hoping for Rishi to realize his feelings and stop Lakshmi's marriage, she starts scolding him and tells him that they have to stop Lakshmi's marriage at any cost since she also loves Rishi.

Back at home, the Pandit informs Neelam that Rishi's Markesh Dosh has reduced due to his marriage with Lakshmi while Harleen and Virendra ask Lakshmi if she is being pressured into the marriage.

Lakshmi tells them to not worry as she states that she is okay with marrying Vikrant.

Harleen asks her if she's ready for the marriage and Lakshmi refuses.

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