Bhagya Lakshmi 1st January 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st January 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st January 2024 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 1st January 2024 episode starts with the doctor stopping Rishi and Lakshmi from running away when Rishi scares them with the snake he is carrying.

A nurse hits Rishi on his head which makes him unconscious while Lakshmi cries after which the doctor tells her that if she tells anyone about this then they will kill Rishi.

The doctor is about to kick Rishi when Lakshmi holds his leg and pushes him away saying that Mintu is her best friend and that is why he keeps coming to her, she says that she will go off to her ward but they should not harm Mintu.

The doctor once again kicks Rishi which makes Lakshmi push him very badly while telling the unconscious Rishi not to come back over here otherwise these people will kill him.

She says that she will adjust but now he should not return after which the nurse takes her to the room while the doctor thinks that he has never seen this kind of love before.

The doctor then hands over Rishi to Balwinder. Malishka then joins them and tells the doctor to hand over Lakshmi to Balwinder tomorrow after which he will take Lakshmi away forever.

The doctor gives Rishi's phone to Malishka after which she texts Ayush on behalf of Rishi saying that he will not come home tonight and then puts the phone in Rishi's pocket.

Meanwhile, Karishma tells everyone that Lakshmi will never be cured and still Rishi is ruining his life for her to which Harleen says that Lakshmi is the bride of the house.

Neelam says that most of these cases are never cured to which Harleen says that if Lakshmi is treated at home then she will be back to normal soon.

Elsewhere, Malishka's mom is worried about Malishka while Sonal calms her down and explains to her that Malishka will continue her life once she gets Rishi.

Malishka enters and hugs her mom happily and tells her about her plan and the fact that now the battle is hers.

Back at home, Harleen says that everything will go back to normal but they have to give it a little time, Ayush also advocates for Lakshmi and says that when Lakshmi was at home, Rishi made her fear of fire go away and even helped her made friends which is progress.

Neelam says that she cannot see her son's life going into ruins and now she will have to make a decision and then leave.

Ayush asks Harleen what Neelam means by her decision to which Harleen says that Neelam still wants Malishka and Rishi to end up together.

Elsewhere, Balwinder beats unconscious Rishi and says that now he will take revenge on him for taking his Lakshmi away from her.

He says that now he will take his Lakshmi back from him forever and then Rishi will go to the asylum.

Balwinder then takes Rishi's wallet and takes all his money.

Meanwhile, Ayush is frustrated because even though Lakshmi sacrificed a lot of the family the family members are not able to return the love.

Ayush then reads Rishi's text which was sent by Malishka and gets confused.

In the asylum, Lakshmi is imagining Rishi playing with her in their house.

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