Bhagya Lakshmi 20th February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th February 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 20th February 2023 episode starts with Leela telling Karishma and Soniya that she should take her leave while Malishka comes there.

Karishma tries to stop Leela with the excuse of helping Rishi select the guy while Malishka angrily states that Rishi won't listen to anyone.

Leela leaves while Malishka annoyingly states that Rishi wants more options and is waiting for the proposals that Pinky and Vinky bring.

Soniya complains that Rishi will never let Lakshmi go and blames it on Lakshmi while Neelam enters the house.

On the other hand, Rishi goes downstairs while Aayush and Shalu tell Lakshmi that Rishi has selected a guy for her and she will soon leave the Oberoi family and Rishi.

Lakshmi gets a little emotional while Aayush tells her that she and Rishi are destined to be together.

However, Lakshmi cries that Rishi and she are not destined to be together because they are divorced and leaves.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Neelam reveals to Rishi that she is in talks with the priest to select a marriage date for him and Malishka as soon as possible.

Rishi is about to intervene but Neelam asks him if he has a problem and tells him that she had a talk with Malishka's parents.

Neelam states that there is no problem anymore since Rishi is already divorced.

Malishka and Neelam get excited while Rishi states that Lakshmi's marriage should be done first.

However, Neelam refuses, asking him if he has sworn to not get married or something.

Neelam ends the discussion by saying that no one has a problem with Lakshmi's marriage but Malishka and Rishi will be getting married first.

Back at Malishka's house, Kiran tells Abhay that she is worried that Rishi might take the opposite decision of what they intended.

Back at Oberoi's house, Rishi tells Neelam that he wants Lakshmi to get married first but Neelam tells her that she won't agree with him this time.

She tells Rishi that he has done a lot of things by going against her but she won't listen to him this time.

Neelam tells Rishi to find the most perfect guy he can for Lakshmi but there is a twist, he has to do it in one month only.

Rishi tries to reason, saying that it might take him longer than that but Neelam states that she does not care since she is going to get him married to Malishka on the same day after a month.

Rishi goes to Lakshmi's room and complains about Neelam's decision.

Lakshmi tries to explain to him that he should get married to Malishka but he refuses & warns that he is going to elope if anyone tries to force him.

She teases him that she will leave the house if he keeps threatening her and makes him swear on her that he won't talk about leaving.

Neelam tells Malishka to inform Kiran that the marriage will be done after a month while Soniya reminds them that it is Valentine's day the next day.

As a gift, Neelam tells Malishka that she is going to throw a party for her and Rishi.

Back in Lakshmi's room, she tries to convince Rishi to get married to Malishka but he leaves.

Shalu comes there afterward and Lakshmi begs her to help her get married as soon as possible or not come to the Oberoi house anymore.

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