Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi to tell him whether Paro is his daughter while Lakshmi saying Paro isn't his daughter he just think that way as she never said Paro is Rishi's daughter.

She adds, that she wants to say a truth that she is glad that Rishi isn't Paro's father after which she tries to go while Rishi asks her to kill him as her harsh words hurts him.

He asks even if she is hearing what she is saying and understanding how her words are hurting him then why can't she overs everything.

Then, he asks her to end their incomplete love, attachment, and soul connection while Lakshmi says there is nothing left as it's over a long ago after which Rishi asks that then why Lakshmi has tears in her eyes.

However, Lakshmi says that he has tears while Rishi says it's because he thinks that something is still left between them but Lakshmi denies just then the police and Sushma enter there breaking the door.

The inspector asks Rishi why he was trying to save Lakshmi when he is the one who gave them the information which makes Rishi shocked while the inspector says that they have reached there with help of his mobile's tracker.

Further, Paro comes there and Sushma asks her to come with her while Paro says she doesn't want to go away from Lakshmi but Sushma takes her after which Lakshmi is also arrested by the police.

As Lakshmi is taken by the police Rishi tries to tell Lakshmi that he has done nothing and promises to save Paro while Lakshmi asks him to not make fake promises again.

There, Malishka gets the news of Lakshmi and Paro's arrest which makes her happy and she celebrates while Lakshmi feels hurt remembering Rishi's words after which she thinks why he did that.

On the other hand, Malishka comes back home and tells the family members that Lakshmi and Paro are arrested and Rishi has made it done which shocks Anushka that Malishka is lying while Neelam finds it hard to believe but agrees on the fact that Rishi loves her the most 

Further, Anushka questions Malishka about telling a lie while Malishka says she doesn't care about it until Lakshmi is arrested after which Rishi tries to talk with Lakshmi coming to the police station but in vain as she is taken to the cell.

Meanwhile, Karishma gets to know that Malishka had installed tracker in Rishi's phone but supports her after which Anushka confronts Ayush about Shalu but he goes leaving the conversation as he got to know about the arrest.

After that, Rishi convinces the police to let him meet Lakshmi and tries to make her believe that he hasn't given tip to the police but Lakshmi doesn't believe him after which he decides to prove his innocence through the police.

There, Anushka gives a tip to the police that Shalu has helped Lakshmi and Paro in eloping after which the police arrive to arrest Shalu.

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