Bhagya Lakshmi 20th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi, Lakshmi, Ayush, and Bindiya talk with the auto rickshaw driver and he tells them that he dropped the children to a bus stand.

He adds, that they wanted to go to Pune but then two men take them from there in White Scorpio while Lakshmi says she has seen the car.

On the other hand, the goons get happy that they will get a good price in exchange of children and tonight they'll be sent to another city before their parents could find them.

There, Paro tells her escape plan to Rohan and other children that she will divert the goons in the meantime Rohan should run away with the children while Rohan worries for her but she assures him.

After that, Paro runs and the goons follow her but she hides then the other kids with Rohan escapes while Anushka worries that with Lakshmi Shalu might also return in their house and she doesn't want to lose Ayush.

Just then, Neelam comes there to take hot water bag for Harleen and Anushka requests her to always be on her side while Neelam assures her.

In the market, Rishi, Lakshmi, and the other search for children but can't find them after which Rishi and Lakshmi engage in a fight while Bindiya says they are fighting like husband and wife.

Further, Ayush says they were husband and wife just then a strom arrives and Ayush and Lakshmi's phone got exchanged while Shalu worries for Lakshmi and calls her.

There, after the strom others go to find kids while Ayush gets suprised to get Shalu's call but soon realises his phone has got exchanged.

He tells they are finding Rohan and Paro while Shalu misunderstands the situation that they might have got to know about Paro's truth.

Just then, Rishi, Lakshmi, and Bindiya come to ask Ayush to come with them as they have got to know about the kidnappers while Bindiya's leg got twisted so she asks them to go ahead without her.

On the other hand, Karishma suggests Neelam to go and talk with Paro's mother while Neelam agrees while Malishka calls Rishi to know about his location to bring him and Rohan back.

Meanwhile, Rishi and Lakshmi tell Ayush that some people has seen the car and the goons are child traffickers while Paro meets the other kids later then they hide to trick kidnappers but they catch them again.

Just then, Rishi got Malishka's call and tells her his location and then the call gets cut due to network problem while Harleen stops Neelam from going to Paro's mother then Neelam says that she'll go later.

There, Malishka decides to leave while Rishi and the others reach the kidnappers location where Lakshmi finds Paro's sacred thread.

After that, the goons catch Rishi and Ayush but they fight them while a romantic moment happens between Rishi and Lakshmi.

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