Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 episode starts with Malishka getting very happy as she drives her truck, pushing into Rishi’s car.

Rishi screams for Lakshmi to jump while Malishka smirks in victory as the car falls down the cliff.

Meanwhile, Kiran and Sonal are driving in the car to reach Rishi and conclude that Malishka is keeping an eye on them by being in the big vehicle.

Kiran gets extremely concerned as Sonal states that Malishka would have done the accident by now.

On the other hand, Malishka is very satisfied as she states to herself that now Rishi can live happily ever after with Lakshmi.

A flashback is shown where Malishka is giving cash to a man who is instructed by her to provoke Rishi and direct him towards the route of the cliff.

The flashback ends while Malishka tries to reverse her truck but instead of reversing, it speeds further.

She squeezes her eyes shut as she presses the brake all of a sudden.

She fears for her own life as the truck doesn't go back after which she decides to call Sonal but when she doesn't get a good network, she extends her hand out holding the phone to get some network.

Meanwhile, her phone slips out of her grip which causes her to curse Lakshmi's name as all of this is happening because of her in Malishka's mind.

On the other hand, Rishi and Lakshmi are hanging down the cliff as they hold onto the rock for support. 

Rishi tries to maneuver his way to save Lakshmi but she asks him to be put where he is, otherwise, she won't be able to forgive herself.

Just then, Malishka hears both their voices and curses that they were supposed to die but they are alive.

At Oberoi house, Harleen tells her son, Virendra, that the light and charm of their house has gone completely and she wants both Rishi and Lakshmi to come back.

Virendra promises Harleen that their kids will be back home and states that he has a plan in which he has to involve their family doctor.

Meanwhile, Aayush receives a call from their staff who is waiting to pick up Rishi and Lakshmi, telling him that Rishi's sir's phone is off.

This makes Aayush suspicious as by this time, Rishi should have been at the airport itself.

On the other hand, Malishka fears getting down as she has no plane surface after which she tries to reverse her truck one more time.

At Oberoi House, Virendra acts of getting a stroke when Neelam comes rushing in concerned and calls the doctor.

Internally, Virendra thinks that his acting will now bring RishMi back home.

Karishma also comes there as the doctor arrives and gives strength to Neelam that nothing will happen to Virendra.

Virendra winks at the doctor who nods at him and tells Neelam that she called him at the right time.

At the cliff, Rishi asks Lakshmi to keep her grip tighter as he is just coming by while Lakshmi keeps crying that her hands are hurting holding the edge of the rock.

Rishi pushes Lakshmi up so she can climb on top of him after which he will follow her while Malishka finally gets down on the road near the edge of the cliff.

Just as Lakshmi's hand is at the top of the cliff, Malishka notices it and glares as Rishi waits for Lakshmi to get up safely.

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