Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2023 episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that his life becomes funny whenever he is around her.

As Lakshmi continues to smile, Rishi urges her to be serious since he needs to talk to her about something urgent.

Looking at Lakshmi’s face, Rishi says that he wishes that he was the one getting married to Lakshmi which makes Lakshmi stare at Rishi with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, Neelam is sitting in her room when Virendra walks in, asking Neelam why she is in so much of a hurry to marry Lakshmi off.

He states that till now they have met Vikrant only two times and that they have not even seen his house yet Neelam thinks Vikrant is perfect for Lakshmi.

Feeling agitated by Virendra’s words, Neelam, stands up from her bed, yelling that now Virendra does not even trust her decisions any longer.

She tells Virendra that she is marrying Lakshmi early only because Rishi has made it clear that he will marry Malishka after Lakshmi’s marriage.

Neelam accepts that she does not like Lakshmi, but she will never ruin her future while Virendra keeps grumbling about how the date is very early.

Coming back to RishiMi, Lakshmi questions Rishi if he is fine to which Rishi replies that he was just joking.

He then makes Lakshmi understand that she only needs to be herself in the meeting because the deal is very important to him.

However, he and Lakshmi both spread their hand to pick up the file causing their hands to brush against each other and they both look up to stare at each other with longing.

Rishi quickly removes his hand while Lakshmi slips on the floor so Rishi quickly spreads his hands to hold Lakshmi in his arms.

They both gaze at each other with their heart beating fast when Lakshmi clears her throat and Rishi quickly lets Lakshmi go.

Rishi once again tells Lakshmi all the instructions she is supposed to follow and Lakshmi says softly that Rishi has said this a million times.

He questions Lakshmi why she did not stop him then to which Lakshmi replies that she likes listening to Rishi since she is going to leave the Oberoi mansion very soon.

This reply stuns Rishi so he urges Lakshmi to walk out of the room with him but as they start walking, they hit their heads with Ayush and Shalu.

Ayush rubs his temple while complaining that Rishi has a helmet-like head, and Rishi orders Ayush to hit his head with him once again.

Lakshmi explains that they need to do it otherwise they will get beaten by a black dog so Rishi comes forward and hit his head with Ayush's causing Ayush to whine in pain.

Both Ayush and Shalu then admit that they don't want Lakshmi to get married to Virkant, yet Lakshmi makes them promise that they will not try to ruin her marriage since she is happy.

Lakshmi embraces Ayush and Shalu in a hug which makes Rishi's heartache as he realizes what he is going to lose soon.

On the other hand, Neelam is going through a dilemma as she does not want Lakshmi to die and she also informs Vikrant's mother about the wedding date via call.

Vikrant's mom jumps with happiness upon hearing the date and she plans to start shopping with Vikrant's sister.

In the Oberoi mansion, Malishka also overhears Ayush and Shalu discussing that they have no option to cancel Lakshmi's wedding now and she whispers that now she will enjoy Lakshmi's marriage.

Later, Lakshmi is waiting in line in the Minstery office when she notices an old-looking lady begging the peon to let her meet another minister and the peon lets her enter.

As Lakshmi starts walking toward the Minister's cabin, two strangers are eyeing her from distance.

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