Bhagya Lakshmi 21st December 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st December 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st December 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 21st December 2023 episode starts with Shalu, Rano, and Bani taking Lakshmi back to her paternal home while Rishi watches her with pain-filled eyes.

Lakshmi takes heavy steps and turns back for one last look, she sees Rishi and angrily storms out because she is upset that he is letting her go.

Meanwhile, Malishka learns that Lakshmi has left the Oberoi mansion from Balwinder and gets overjoyed.

Later, Bani and Shalu show Lakshmi her room but Lakshmi keeps looking outside the room and asks why hasn't Mintu come.

Rano says that now all three sisters will live together and have fun while Shalu tells Bani that this is the most viable option as the police will never invade this home in search of Lakshmi.

Rano tells Lakshmi that Rishi will not come over there which makes Lakshmi emotional and she cries, saying she was in anger when she said that she wanted to go.

Back home, Rishi looks outside the window thinking about Lakshmi when Ayush comes and scolds him for letting Lakshmi go.

Rishi says that Lakshmi does not want to see his face but Ayush replies that she was angry and now Rishi should go and get her.

Elsewhere, Rano takes Lakshmi, Shalu, and Bani to Neha's room and tells them that all four of them will live together in this room, angering her.

She states that when Lakshmi starts living with her, Ayush will pay frequent visits.

Lakshmi refuses to eat and says that she wants Mintu which Rano replies that they should all give Lakshmi some space.

Meanwhile, Balwinder calls Rano and they break into a quick bickering after which Rano tells him to come and get Lakshmi as soon as possible through the window.

Later, Balwinder sneaks into the house where he sees Lakshmi talking to her doll Rishi.

She spots Balwinder and starts screaming which makes Balwinder hold her but she bites him.

Balwinder says that Mintu has sent him to take Lakshmi back home secretly, and Lakshmi happily agrees to him.

Lakshmi trips which makes Balwinder hold her waist and pull her closer while she feels awkward and pushes him behind.

Balwinder throws her onto the bed, saying he will make her pay for pushing her.

He holds her hands and asks her to shut up while she struggles to let loose.

She takes an antique pot and threatens to hit his head.

Balwinder takes out a knife and asks her to comply so she does as he says.

Rishi is outside the house as he has come to meet Lakshmi but is completely unaware of what is going on inside.

He is about to knock on the door but decides to leave as he does not want to scare Lakshmi and leaves.

Back inside, Balwinder calls the mental asylum as he wants Lakshmi to be cured first after which he will take Lakshmi.

The police and the doctor come and start looking for Lakshmi while Bani and Shalu panics.

The inspector finds Lakshmi and takes her with her but at that exact moment, Rishi enters and runs after her.

He hugs Lakshmi while the inspector says that Rishi will have to bear the consequences of hiding Lakshmi to which he replies that he is not scared.

Rishi fails as the doctor and policemen take Lakshmi again once again.

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