Bhagya Lakshmi 21st March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Lakshmi getting the call from Rishi and wondering why he is calling her so early in the morning.

She thinks that the call can't be for Rohan this time so if he wants to talk with her then as she is about to pick up the call the buyer comes there.

After that, Lakshmi thinks of talking with Rishi later and first with the buyer.

There, the buyer says that Lakshmi did wrong with him even after their years of business relationship.

This makes Rohan and Lakshmi doubt him if he got to know their plan but the buyer says that he is upset because Lakshmi didn't invite him to the Holika Dahan festival in the village while Lakshmi gets relieved and invites him.

On the other hand, Rishi fails to recognize Lakshmi and just understands that teacher Lakshmi is disguised as a man.

Further, Neelam complains that Rohan is wasting his time on the phone but Rishi tells her that Rohan has done great work and she will be proud of him then he tells her about Rohan helping Lakshmi while Lakshmi talks with Paro who was calling her through Rishi's phone.

After that, Lakshmi asks her to not trouble anyone while Paro says that she always helps everyone.

Later, they talk about the Holika Dahan festival and say that this year they will celebrate it separately.

Further, Rohan and Paro talk while Rohan tells her that he has done a commendable thing today for which Lakshmi showers her love on him and also has sent its video to Rishi then Paro cuts the call saying she has to return Rishi's phone.

There, Rishi tells Neelam about the buyer's matter, and Neelam is proud of their good upbringing just then Paro comes there and returns Rishi's phone she also demands him to love her like Lakshmi does to Rohan.

After that, she asks about Holika Dahan and Neelam asks for the arrangements, to which Rishi assures her.

Further, Paro is surprised to see Lakshmi's disguised look.

On the other hand, Mr. Bhandari comes to the meeting for partnership.

However, Ayush rejects it but Mr. Bhandari goes from there saying now his daughter will talk with Rishi while Ayush wonders who is his daughter.

Later, Lakshmi's family with the villagers gather to celebrate Holika Dahan while Ranjit sees this from afar and decides to marry Lakshmi by distancing Shalu from her.

There, Rishi's family also gathers to celebrate the festival just then Mr. Bhandari comes there with his daughter Sasha.

Further, Rishi and Lakshmi celebrate Holika Dahan respectively while Shalu goes from there to check up on her friend so Ranjit asks his men to hostage Shalu.

At Rishi's house, the couples take rounds around the holy fire while Rishi stands alone so Mr. Bhandari thinks Rishi is unmarried and decides to marry his daughter Sasha to him and talks with Neelam about the same which makes her shocked.

There, Ranjit makes Lakshmi drink a spiked drink by a trick and she feels dizzy.

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