Bhagya Lakshmi 21st May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with a goon bringing Malishka there while the others ask the goons to leave her but the goons scare them and try to escape.

After that, Lakshmi asks the goons to take her as a cover and leave Malishka while Malishka also asks to take Lakshmi instead of her as she is saying.

However, the goons run away with kids in the car pushing away Malishka after which Rishi and the others follow the goons in the car.

In the meantime, Malishka secretly asks Lakshmi if Rishi knows about Paro while Lakshmi nods in no while the goons who are in two different cars decide to take the cars in two different directions to confuse Rishi and the others.

Further, they get stop thinking where they should go and Malishka and Lakshmi tell different directions to follow and Rishi takes left as Lakshmi says which makes Malishka irk.

There, Anushka comes to Harleen to know her health anr tells Neelam has slept taking headache pill which relieves Harleen while the goon removes ties from kids but warns them to not shout.

After that, Paro cries while Rohan assures her that their parents will save them after which the goons plan to call the kids buyer so he comes early to buy the kids.

Further, a goon asks second goon to bring some more men to fight kids parents and he goes while Rishi and the others reach the place where Lakshmi sees the car in which the kids were there.

Meanwhile, Malishka tries to say that Lakshmi is trying to prove her wrong just then the goon comes with other men and surrounded them.

On the other hand, Shalu thinks what might be happening in Oberoi's house regarding Paro and decides to go there to support Lakshmi just then she finds Rano eavesdropping on her and questions her.

However, Rano says that Shalu shouldn't go there and let Rishi and Lakshmi reunite then Shalu tells her that Rishi is married to Malishka now so it can't happen.

After that, Rano says that Lakshmi should demand money from Oberoi's family but Shalu gets irked with her and leaves.

There, Rishi offers the goon that they need the money in exchange of kids then he'll give it to them but they should give them the kids back.

In the meantime, Malishka blabbers about the police which alerts the goon then Rishi and the others fight but a goon catches Lakshmi after which Rishi saves her and goes with her.

Further, to stop Rishi Malishka puts an act with the help of goon which makes them caught by the goons while Shalu comes to Oberoi's house and Anushka and Shalu are shocked to see each other.

They argue just then Harleen comes there calling Shalu which shocks Anushka after which she introduces herself as Ayush's wife while Shalu remembers her and Ayush's memories being hurt.

There, Rishi and Lakshmi argue with the goons to give them back their kids while the goon points a knife on Lakshmi.

However, Lakshmi fearlessly says that it's about her daughter and they can't shut her until they return her daughter which shocks Rishi as he realizes Paro is Lakshmi's daughter.

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