Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Vikrant telling Malishka that he is lucky to have Lakshmi who is rich in heart and that kind of richness never ends. 

Malishka rolls her eyes internally thinking Vikrant is another lost case in Lakshmi’s repertoire.

As they are about to go inside, the woman calls her back when Lakshmi trips and Rishi quickly catches her. 

The woman blesses them both to always be together which makes Malishka angry and she tells her that Rishi is with her. 

Meanwhile, Dadi is being angry on Lakshmi’s behalf at Neelam and Karishma for accusing Lakshmi. 

Just then, Virendra comes there and asks her what is the problem while Dadi tells him that Neelam and Karishma are always targeting Lakshmi. 

In the meantime, the jeweller welcomes Rishi while Rishi tells him that Vikrant has come to buy jewellery and their marriage is taking place at their house. 

The jeweller extends his welcome to Vikrant and assures him that he will get the best jewellery collection. 

Just then, Vikrant sees his mother, Anjana, and Saloni at the jewellery store and looks surprised while Saloni asks him what is he doing there.

Vikrant tells her about his mother's message and that they should have come with them only.

Saloni tells him that they made their plan later to buy Mangal-sutra for Lakshmi. 

Vikrant tells them to continue their shopping and they will look at the ring on another counter. 

Meanwhile, Bani is thinking about Rishi’s call to Shalu and if he wants to get back to Lakshmi.

At the jewellery store, Rishi is pacing around Lakshmi to make sure she is safe and sits down when Vikrant asks him to. 

Just then, Vikrant gets a call which changes his facial expression for a while. 

Afterward, he selects the ring for Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi if he can put it on her finger. 

Vikrant is about to put the ring on his finger when Rishi stops him.

On the other hand, Harleen AKA Dadi tells Virendra that Karishma and Neelam still think that Lakshmi is after Rishi despite Lakshmi getting married to another man. 

She tells him that if they continue to question Lakshmi’s honour then they will have to answer to her. 

Meanwhile, Karishma tells Neelam that it was good that they found out about Vikrant’s jewellery store and they were able to separate Rishi and Lakshmi. 

However, Neelam is sure that Rishi and Lakshmi will find their way to each other just as Rishi did when Lakshmi was in danger at the Parliament House. 

Karishma also gets worried and calls Rishi and Lakshmi’s connection a kind of miracle. 

At the store, Rishi chides himself for stopping Vikrant and talks in a circle to get out of this stupidity. 

He tells him that if he will put the ring on now, then he will not be able to enjoy his engagement if he put the ring today. 

He also tells him that Lakshmi is very sensitive and cares for small gestures. 

Vikrant agrees with Rishi and thanks him for saving him from making the mistake. 

After a while, Vikrant again gets a call from the same number while Rishi tells him to pick up the call. 

At the same time, Malishka’s old friend Molly meets her at the store and she takes her with her. 

Vikrant talks suspiciously on the phone when he sees Shalu coming and he disconnects the call. 

After a while, Ayush drags Shalu to the corner asking her what is she doing, and looks surprised to hear that Rishi has asked her to do that. 

Elsewhere, the salesgirl asks Rishi and Lakshmi if they like to see the Mangal Sutra too. 

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