Bhagya Lakshmi 24th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Shalu asking Lakshmi to not feel bad as her Rohan is always with her and this Rohan will eventually go back to his mother.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says she is right as every child is his mother's part so he should go back otherwise, how a mother feels she knows it.

She adds, that as Shalu says Rohan will go back is right but she just got upset listening to it.

After that, Shalu says Lakshmi considers Rohan as her child but Rohan is only with her.

Just then, Rohan comes to Lakshmi while Malishka says to Paro that she used to sleep there in her absence but now she can't and asks her to sleep in another room.

However, Paro is adamant about sleeping there so Rishi requests Malishka too, and she agrees.

Further, Rishi thanks Malishka for understanding Paro while she says that she is doing it for Rishi's happiness as she can do anything for his love and leaves.

There, Rohan asks Lakshmi to sing a lullaby for him and she does it while Rishi also sings a lullaby for Paro, to which she asks how Rishi knows this lullaby as her mother sings it.

In a flashback, Rishi tells Lakshmi that he can do anything for the baby but can't make them sleep, to which Lakshmi tells him that it's not that difficult and teaches him a lullaby.

Back to reality, Rishi and Lakshmi continue to sing lullabies and then finally make Rohan and Paro sleep respectively.

There, Malishka comes to Rohan's room to sleep and sees his photos emotionally just then, Neelam comes there and understands Malishka is missing Rohan and then asks her to sleep in Rishi's room.

However, Malishka makes her shock revealing Paro is sleeping in Rishi's room which angers Neelam she is about to go and talk with Rishi but Malishka stops her saying she is doing it for Rishi's love.

Meanwhile, Neelam says that Malishka has yearned enough for Rishi's love and now she can't see her alone while Malishka says it's the thing of some days only.

After that, Neelam agrees and asks Malishka to never let her, Rishi, and Rohan separate while Malishka promises the same.

Further, she says to herself that she won't let anyone separate them and the one who could have separated them is already died.

Later, Malishka has a nightmare remembering Lakshmi's voice but then she calms herself saying it can be a similar voice but not of Lakshmi otherwise, she wouldn't have let them marry.

In the morning, the trustee tells Rishi that Paro's student exchange program is ending just then, Paro comes there sad.

However, Rishi cheers her up saying that she can call him whenever she misses him while Lakshmi also cheers up Rohan in the same way.

There, Anushka is disappointed with Malishka for letting Paro sleep in her room and asks if everything is fine between her and Rishi.

This makes Malishka tense but then she covers it up while the family members plan for what they'll do after Rohan's return.

However, Harleen says she'll miss Paro while Rishi and Lakshmi spend some happy moments with Rohan and Paro respectively.

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