Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2023 episode starts with Malishka colliding with Vikrant and he asks her if she has selected the jewellery for Rishi and vice versa.

On hearing that Rishi will select the jewellery, Vikrant comments on Rishi being a very caring person and that he saved him from ruining one of the very important moments of their life. 

Meanwhile, Malishka thinks to herself that she is sure that Rishi only stopped him because he cannot see Lakshmi wearing a ring from anyone. 

Meanwhile, the sales girl brings the collection of Mangalsutra and tells Rishi to put it on Lakshmi to see how it enhances Lakshmi’s beauty. 

Rishi tries to tell her that Lakshmi is not marrying him but she cuts him and insists so Rishi puts on the Mangal Sutra on Lakshmi, shocking her. 

Lakshmi gets angry at him for putting on the Mangal Sutra on her and tries to take it off. 

Just then, Lakshmi sees Vikrant coming their way with Malishka and drags Rishi away to hide. 

Rishi asks her why has she dragged him there while Lakshmi tells him it is only to save him from getting scolded by Malishka. 

She tells him that if he realises what has he done, what will Vikrant think if he sees the Mangal Sutra in her neck put on by Rishi?

She is worried that Vikrant will think that Rishi has feelings for her.

Rishi tells her that it is true that he has feelings for her and she knows that but he has put this Mangal Sutra on her because the sales girl insisted.  

In the meantime, Malishka and Vikrant look surprised to see them gone. 

Elsewhere, Karishma is trying to calm Neelam who is worried that Rishi will find his way to Lakshmi and get in danger himself. 

Karishma offers to call Malishka to check if they are alone or if Lakshmi is also with them. 

Meanwhile, Malishka is getting irritated about not find Rishi and wonders if Rishi and Lakshmi together. 

Seeing Karishma calling her, she refuses to pick up the phone as she is worried about Rishi. 

At the same time, Rishi spots Vikrant coming towards them and pulls Lakshmi close to him. 

Being so close to each other triggers Lakshmi and Rishi’s memory of their past when they use to be close. 

Later, Aayush asks Shalu which bracelet should he buy and Shalu tells him that she does not want to do anything. 

She tells him to focus on Rishi and Lakshmi because they are not seen anywhere. 

Meanwhile, Malishka irritatingly asks the sales girl about her fiance while the sales girl feels confused and tells Malishka that she does not know. 

Just then, Vikrant gets a call from the same number and angrily tells the person not to call him again and trusts him that the deal is locked. 

Afterwards, Vikrant collides with the salesman and burst in anger on him which surprises everyone including Lakshmi. 

Saloni tries to calm Vikrant but Anjana (Vikrant's mother) stops her saying that Vikrant will handle it. 

The store owner apologizes to Vikrant and sends the salesman away. 

Meanwhile, Rishi questions Vikrant’s anger while Lakshmi defends Vikrant and tells him that he also often gets angry too. 

Rishi takes offense at Lakshmi taking Vikrant’s side while Lakshmi changes the subject and asks him how much longer will they stand there. 

However, Rishi is angry and tells her that he will tell her nothing because she is the one who has dragged him there. 

Later, Karishma again calls Malishka and is shocked to hear that Lakshmi is also at the same store as Rishi. 

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