Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Paro eating ice cream just then she sees some poor kids and asks Rishi to buy ice- cream for them too and Rishi does it.

Meanwhile, Paro praises Rishi for his deed and says he is good like her mother, after which the ice cream vendor praises Rishi for giving a good upbringing to Paro.

Further, Paro comes home with the gifts while Karishma complains that Rishi shouldn't have purchased a lot of gifts for her as she'd be spoilt and Paro's mother can't even purchase expensive things for her and mocks her status.

After that, Paro defends her mother while Rishi says that even though Paro's mother doesn't have money still she fulfills Rohan's every wish as she considers him her son.

Just then, Malishka comes and complains that Rohan is her son only and no one can think that he is her son.

On the other hand, Rohan likes a village's food dish and decides to take it with him but it falls, to which Lakshmi says she'll make it again for him while Rohan asks sadly how it would be possible as he is going tomorrow only.

After that, Lakshmi agrees and decides to surprise Rohan by making snacks for him.

There, Oberoi's family consoles Malishka saying Rohan can't become her son just by saying, and gives Paro's example of how she says dad to Rishi but it doesn't make Rishi her dad.

This makes Paro sad and she goes from there while Rohan says to Lakshmi that he'll miss Lakshmi and asks her to promise that she'll come to meet him, to which Lakshmi promises him.

On the other hand, Rishi refuses to make his promise as he has broken his promise given to Lakshmi of never leaving her side but says he'll come to meet her.

After that, Paro says she wants Rishi to become her dad while Rishi says he is already Paro's dad, to which Paro says that Karishma says he won't become her dad just by saying.

Just then, Ayush comes and has a fun conversation with Paro and asks her if she likes their city, to which she says she hasn't seen the city properly yet, so Rishi decides to make her see the city before Lakshmi's arrival.

There, Malishka and Neelam are excited to welcome Rohan while Lakshmi thinks why she feels a connection with Rohan like her own son.

In the morning, Rohan and Paro bid adieu to their respective family members and Malishka gives a gift to Paro while Lakshmi also gives gifts to the children of the student exchange program along with Rohan.

She also gives Rohan his favorite snack and then Shalu says that the taxi has arrived.

So Rohan takes blessings from Dadi and prays to god before going and Dadi asks him to come back soon while Paro also takes blessings from the elders and says she'll come back which is not liked by Karishma.

After that, Neelam asks when will Lakshmi come, to which Rishi informs her that currently, he is talking to Paro to show her his office as Lakshmi will take some time to arrive as she'll drop off other kids too.

Further, Malishka goes to the mall to get gifts for Rohan while Rohan also asks Lakshmi to take him to the mall to buy gifts for her.

Meanwhile, Malishka spots Lakshmi on the road from the backside and gets shocked.

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