Bhagya Lakshmi 25th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Dadi asking Rishi that Paro is looking like whom isn't she looks like Rishi while Rishi agrees to her and says Paro is looking like him truly after which Ayush says that's why he was looking at Paro's picture since Dadi has told him that Paro looks like Rishi and she is actually a xerox copy of Rishi. 

After that, Dadi says that not that much and tells Paro looks like both Rishi and Lakshmi after which she says to Rishi to not let DNA test done as she is sure that Paro is Rishi and Lakshmi's daughter.

On the other hand, Anushka says to Malishka that until yesterday everything was in Malishka's control but today it seems like she lost the power which offends Malishka and Kiran asks Anushka to not say anything if she knows that it'll offend the person.

However, Anushka says that if everything will be fine by her saying positive then she'll say positive and asks Malishka to not worry as everything will be fine.

After that, Malishka says how she can not worry as she has created a problem for herself and Karishma has asked for DNA test.

There, Ayush says the same that Karishma won't be convinced without the DNA test and Rishi says he also wants it to get done as then only Lakshmi will stop saying lie.

On the other hand, Kiran and Anushka try to calm Malishka saying that Paro might not be Rishi's daughter but Malishka stays tensed in doubt after which Kiran gives her an idea that she should check the reports first somehow and if it comes positive then she should change it.

Meanwhile, Shalu comes to a tensed Lakshmi and Lakshmi says that she can't tell Rishi and his family about Paro's truth as they don't deserve it.

After that, Shalu and Lakshmi have a second thought about telling Rishi about Paro but drop it then Lakshmi says that she has to do something.

There, Neelam wakee up and Dadi tells her about Paro being their granddaughter and the DNA test after which she refuses to believe it then asks Karishma to tell her the whole matter.

In the morning, Rishi wakes up Rohan wishing him happy birthday and shares his birthday plans with him asking him to not run away.

Further, they talk about Paro and Malishka feels insecure then she decides to do something while Paro wakes up and apologizes for her act after which she requests Lakshmi to not take her to the village.

After that, Lakshmi agrees and thinks before that she has to make sure that the reports come as per her wish while Karishma tries to instigate Rishi but he shows faith that Paro is his daughter.

On the other hand, Anushka decides to not let Shalu enters her life.

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