Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka coming to the hospital while the doctor sees her and asks if she is here to collect the DNA reports.

Meanwhile, Malishka thinks that she is here for the DNA reports but she can't tell the doctor about it otherwise, everyone will get to know about it.

Then, she lies to the doctor saying she isn't there for the DNA reports but to collect Dadi's regular checkup report while the doctor says that even the DNA reports are ready and he'll receive it soon in his cabin.

After that, the doctor goes on the round while Malishka asks a nurse about the doctor's cabin so she can receive the reports.

There, Lakshmi also comes there thinking she can't let the truth come out and sometimes it's good if truth is hidden while Malishka thinks that Lakshmi wants to tell Rishi that Paro is his daughter and just pretending that she doesn't want to reveal it.

She adds, that she won't let Lakshmi's dream come true while Lakshmi thinks that some dream are good to be incomplete.

On the other hand, Neelam comes to Rishi and asks him why he didn't tell her when Lakshmi comes there with Paro while Rishi tells her that he wanted to gather the proof first.

After that, he says that Lakshmi is saying Paro isn't his daughter but he knows she is lying so after getting the proof Lakshmi won't be able to say that again.

Meanwhile, Neelam tries to instigate Rishi saying Lakshmi is a cunning lady and she is doing this to get his money and it's good that Karishma suggested for the DNA test.

Further, she asks Rishi to call Lakshmi there before the reports comes as Lakshmi might change the reports after which they go out listening the noises of Paro.

They see Paro and Rohan playing cricket while Paro's ball hits Neelam which makes her angry and she scolds Paro after which Rishi sides Paro and takes the kids from there.

After that, Karishma comes and says that Rishi is taking side of Paro like he used to do for Lakshmi while Neelam says that let the DNA reports come after which she'll send Lakshmi and Paro away.

Meanwhile, Malishka checks the DNA reports and is shocked to know that Paro is Rishi's daughter just then the doctor comes and tells Malishka that the DNA reports are mailed to Rishi also soon the hard copy will be delivered.

This makes Malishka worried and she decides to delete the mail while Lakshmi gets Rishi's call to come home and Lakshmi gets to know Paro is at Rishi's house after which she collides with the doctor and sees the DNA reports.

Later, it goes for the delivery while Shalu comes to Oberoi's house to take Paro back but Paro refuses to go and Rishi sides with her while Malishka deletes the mail from Rishi's laptop.

Just then, Anushka tells her that the reports are delivered and Neelam is collecting them herself when the rest of the family members are also there.

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