Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 episode starts with Balwinder questioning Malishka if she has forgotten about permitting him to stay here.

Malishka gets angry and yells that her home is not an adoption home but Balwinder replies that his two wives have left him and he will stay here in this room for the next two days.

Malishka turns toward Kiran and questions her if Balwinder can stay here but Kiran questions why she is asking her now.

Looking at Kiran, Malishka screams in desperation that she cannot tolerate Rishi and Lakshmi together anymore.

Kiran calms her down by reminding her that tomorrow is a special day, so if Malishka can make Rishi hers tomorrow, no one can separate her from Rishi. 

Excited Malishka walks away to get ready but when Balwinder asks Kiran about it, she orders him to stay quiet.

On the other hand, Rano gets shocked after hearing about Rishi getting out of jail and Balwinder being the culprit.

She even curses her luck for not getting money from Balwinder earlier.

Meanwhile, Rishi takes Lakshmi’s hands in his and compliments her for being simplistic.

He even says he will never forget today while Lakshmi grins at him.

Lakshmi then urges Rishi to get ready to return home as everyone is waiting for them.

Afterward, while walking, Rishi challenges Lakshmi to walk with him to the house.

Lakshmi laughs and reminds him that it is not the same as walking in the gym but Rishi questions Lakshmi if he can pick her up in his arm.

Lakshmi denies and Rishi finds the bike nearby and urges her to hop on.

On the other hand, Virendra happily informs everyone in the Oberoi mansion about the business executives praising Lakshmi and Rishi.

Harleen turns to Neelam and tells her how Rishi got praised because of Lakshmi's good work.

Malishka erupts like a volcano and screams that Rishi is a good person and that if she was Rishi’s wife then people would also praise her.

Neelam also sides with Malishka and calls Lakshmi bad luck but praises Malishka for being perfect.

Virendra however challenges Neelam that soon she will change her perspective and Lakshmi and Rishi overhears them.

Rishi orders Neelam not to call Lakshmi bad luck anymore.

Harleen announces that the next day is a big day for Lakshmi and Malishka adds she will also fast for Rishi.

Neelam praises Malishka for thinking about Rishi but Harleen orders her to not fast for Rishi as Lakshmi is Rishi’s legal wife now.

On the other hand, Rano orders Shalu and Bani to carry Lakshmi’s sargi to the Oberoi mansion with her.

Later while Harleen is telling Ayush his duties, he notices Shalu walking in and yells that someone will do fast for him.

Rano also enters and gives Harleen Lakshmi’s sargi and asks about Neelam.

Harleen mutters under her breath that Rano wants to play with scary things.

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