Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2023 episode starts with Shalu and Aayush waiting for the truck driver to fall asleep.

However, he wakes up and goes to get money as Shalu tells him that he must be thinking of escaping.

The duo goes and starts fighting against Shambhu but he overpowers them and tells them that he did nothing.

Aayush does not believe him and Shambhu holds Shalu in a threatening position with rope around her neck and orders Aayush to tie his own legs and hands.

Aayush willingly does it so that nothing happens to Shalu and Shambhu further ties Shalu's hands making her sit beside Aayush.

He sits in front of them and states that he knows two people died by falling from the cliff and offers to reveal the truth to them in exchange for money.

Aayush demands to hear the truth angering Shambhu who tells him to accept the truth.

At the hospital, Malishka is walking towards Rishi's room in a doctor's disguise as she thinks that Lakshmi's death is the only solution for her to keep Rishi.

Meanwhile, Karishma tries to convince the family to eat but Neelam refuses to eat without feeding her son and goes to see him.

She enters the room and asks the nurse when she sees the feeding tube in her hands and questions.

The nurse refers to Rishi as a patient angering Neelam after which the nurse apologizes to her and states that the tube is to feed juice to Rishi since he is in a come.

On th other hand, Shambhu calls Virneder through Aayush's call and demands money from him in exchange for the truth and to spare Aayush and Shalu's life.

Virender agrees and gets in his car with a bag full of money while Malishka sees Neelam coming towards her and hides.

Meanwhile, the nurse informs the doctor that there is no progress in Lakshmi's condition confirming her suspicions that there is damage to Lakshmi's brain cells.

The nurse brings Bani and the doctor asks her about Laksmi's medical history.

Bani talks about Lakshmi's many instances where she risked her life to save Rishi and got head injuries too.

The doctor nods as she tells Bani that the medicines are working slowly because of many injuries to her head and tells her they will increase her dose the next day if they don't see any difference.

Bani worriedly asks if Lakshmi will not regain her consciousness today to which the doctor assures her that Lakshmi will wake up today only.

Further, Bani goes to the washroom while Malishka takes this opportunity to sneak into Lakshmi's hospital room.

Elsewhere, Shambhu gives indirect directions to Virender confusing Aayush and Shalu.

Shambhu reveals to them that he's doing it to misdirect the police in case Virender has called them.

Malishka lies to the nurse and tells her to take a break as she'll be with Lakshmi until her shift ends.

The nurse leaves while Malishka talks to an unconscious Lakshmi angrily stating that she is really thick-skinned to not die after all these many attempts.

She states that her Bhagya has saved Rishi for her but Lakshmi still needs to die as Lakshmi's Bhagya has run out.

She twists the oxygen tank and Lakshmi starts gasping for air and looks close into her face telling her to see her face as she dies.

Meanwhile, Virender arrives at Shambhu's house and demands he reveal the truth and take the money.

Malishka removes the oxygen mask from Laksmi's face while Sonal tries driving through the city.

Shambhu tells Virender to help him get away from the police unharmed and leaves that he was not the one who was driving the truck that killed Lakshmi and Rishi to which Virender agrees.

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