Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2023 episode starts with Lakshmi hiding behind the wall as Vikrant tries to locate her.

The staff comes up with a different design but gets confused when she sees Rishi alone, saying where that madam is now.

Before Vikrant can enquire more from her, Rishi yells and asks her to show him some designs. 

After Vikrant leaves, Rishi beckons Lakshmi to come out when the lady staff sees her again and gets visibly shocked.

Ayush and Shalu have a MOMENT

To conceal the awkwardness, Rishi jokes that to not waste time, he and Lakshmi started playing hide and seek while the lady manager begins to chuckle with them.

As she goes to fetch the designs, Rishi mumbles to Lakshmi that he again saved her.

Meanwhile, Aayush mentions that Shalu is beautiful but later changes his statement to that the necklace he is holding is beautiful.

As they both banter about it, Aayush very cheekily asks Shalu to try it on but when she continuously refuses, he puts it on her himself.

Shalu gasps while Aayush jokes that she is giving reaction as if he has made her wear a mangal-sutra.

Shalu gets shocked further when Aayush clicks a picture of her and sends it Bani.

Meanwhile, Bani smiles seeing Shalu's photo sent by Aayush and shows it to Rano also who gushes about the necklace.

Rano rebukes Bani

Her eyes pop up greedily and states that if Neha was here, Vikrant would have also bought her something.

However, Rano gets suspicious when Bani says that Aayush has sent this photo and Rano tells her that Shalu is very clever to keep Aayush dancing around her.

Bani gets offended and tells Rano that Shalu won't accept this gift as their parents' morals haven't taught them this.

It is Rano's turn to get offended and horrifyingly asks Bani if she is calling her greedy.

However, Bani leaves after taking her phone, leaving Rano alone to mutter her broken English curse words.

At the store, Shalu tells Aayush that she cannot accept his gift and assures him that if she needs it someday, she will let him know.

Malishka gets charged up!

The store workers laugh seeing Aayush's eagerness to deck Shalu up when suddenly a grumpy Malishka taps on his shoulders.

Aayush turns around and mutters a few Punjabi curse words as Malishka asks him where Rishi is.

Ayush gets on Malishka's nerves, saying he won't tell after which she threatens him while Shalu tells her that Aayush doesn't know honestly.

Just then, Malishka hears from the staff about a diamond section and walks there where Rishi is trying his best to untie the mangalsutra off Lakshmi's neck.

However, Lakshmi sees Malishka entering and pushes Rishi hard down the sofa as he rolls onto the floor,

Lakshmi covers her neck with her saree and pretends that she doesn't know where Rishi is.

Malishka first insults Lakshmi about searching for something in the diamond section as she might never be able to afford it.

Rishi who is hiding gets angry at Malishka and calls her on the phone so she can go outside.

Lakshmi also says that the phone's network is bizarre here after which Malishka finally leaves.

Afterward, Lakshmi tells Rishi that when Vikrant and Malishka will meet each other, they will connect the dots and know they both are together.

Meanwhile, Saloni tells Anjana that she feels Rishi and Lakshmi have gone outside together while Vikrant states that he just met Rishi alone.

Malishka arrives there and informs Vikrant that she met Lakshmi in the diamond section as Vikrant also states that he met Rishi at the same place.

Lakshmi gets caught

Malishka finally realizes that RishMi must be together and urges Vikrant to come with her.

However, Vikrant bangs his leg against a metal rod accidentally, and Malishka races alone.

Inside the diamond section, Rishi and Lakshmi ask each other what they should do while Rishi states that he will accept his fault and tell everyone he forcefully tied this mangal sutra around her neck.

Lakshmi feels miserable as she reminds Rishi that all the fingers will be raised at her and then her character, coming down to her parents' upbringing.

Her eyes well up with tears when Rishi suddenly hugs her and apologizes, internally stating that ever since he met Lakshmi, she is getting riddled with troubles.

Before they can be in each others' arms for a longer time, Lakshmi breaks away in fear of someone spotting them together when they hear the door opening.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to stay calm when Lakshmi makes him fall on the floor and taps his face to hide under the table.

Malishka questions Lakshmi about why she looks fearful and tells her that Vikrant met Rishi here.

Lakshmi stutters and says she must have come here after Rishi and Vikrant left while Malishka questions Lakshmi as to why she is lying.

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