Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi how can she marry someone else while Lakshmi the same way Rishi did.

She adds, Rishi married Malishka and moved on in the life the same way she also moved on, now she has a family as well as Rishi but separate.

After that, Lakshmi leaves while Rishi feels broken after that he sees Rohan and Paro eating while he suppresses himself from going there after which Ayush comes and tells him that a paper can't decide if he can show affection to Paro or not.

Meanwhile, Rishi says to Ayush but due to the DNA reports he can't stop Lakshmi from taking Paro to Gurdaspur just then the kids call him inside and asks him to have food with them.

However, Rishi says that he isn't hungry but can feed them after which Paro asks him to feed her sweet first as she likes it while Rishi thinks it's similar to his habit.

Further, Rohan says that he also likes to it sweet first as he has learnt it from Rishi while Paro tells an incident that how her Dadi in Gurdaspur calls her out for her weird style of eating.

After that, Rishi and Ayush get shocked when Paro tells them that her full name is Parvati which makes Rishi remember that how he and Lakshmi had decided to keep their daughter name Parvati.

Later, Rishi and Ayush discuss the same and Rishi concludes Lakshmi is lying that she has a husband but Paro is his daughter only.

Further, he asks Ayush to investigate if there is any husband of Lakshmi in the village while Malishka overhears this.

After that, Rishi adores Paro from afar while Malishka vents her frustration that she can't let Rishi know the truth otherwise, her family will be snatched from her.

Later, Neelam gets excited as her sister Aanchal is coming while Dadi gossips about her that she is exactly like Neelam and creates problems.

However, Karishma sides Neelam and Aanchal after which Aanchal comes and meet everyone then Neelam takes her inside to talk with her while Dadi worries about handling Aanchal.

There, Neelam talks with her about Lakshmi and Paro while Aanchal speaks against Lakshmi and decides to rebuke her in the party but Neelam asks her to let it be as Lakshmi will leave today.

Meanwhile, Karishma expresses her doubt that Lakshmi won't leave after which Lakshmi and Shalu talk about facing Oberoi's family and Rishi while Shalu says now Rishi can't question her.

Then, Lakshmi says she knows Rishi still has a doubt and she is already guilty after he has said that she is snatching her fatherly rights but Shalu says she is doing right.

There, Ayush reveals to Rishi that Lakshmi was pregnant when she left but he didn't tell him because he didn't want to give him the guilt of losing child.

Further, he says to Rishi that Shalu also knows about it and they will question them together but before that Rishi shouldn't question Lakshmi and Rishi agrees.

Later, Rohan meets Aanchal and guests then wait for Paro just then Paro arrives with Lakshmi and Shalu.

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