Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd January 2024 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd January 2024 episode starts with Lakshmi remembering playing with her doll Rishi after which Mintu comes and braids Lakshmi's hair as she keeps talking to him.

She remembers how Neelam and Karishma came and scolded Rishi for being such a big businessman and performing such petty tasks.

Neelam and Karishma told him that Lakshmi would only be cured if he let her get treated at the hospital however Rishi is not letting it happen.

She then remembers how Rishi told them that he would never leave Lakshmi, she then says to herself that Rishi is a good guy and that he stood up for her.

She then says that Rishi fought for her in front of the doctor too and now it is her job to take care of him.

Lakshmi walks towards a tiny window looks at the moon and prays to God to keep Rishi happy and safe and in return, she will give chocolates to God.

She then thinks that she will not be able to buy a chocolate for God as she is in the asylum so she decides to pray to him all night long.

The next day, the nurse enters and finds Lakshmi praying which shocks her.

Lakshmi asks the nurse if Mintu is okay to which the nurse replies that Rishi is okay as he has gone home.

Meanwhile, Ayush is worried about Rishi and thinks something may have happened.

Elsewhere, Shalu and Bani are praying to God to bring back Lakshmi into their lives.

Neelam and Karishma ask Ayush to bring Rishi down for breakfast which makes Ayush tell them that Rishi is nowhere to be found.

The chef tells them that Rishi has not gone to the asylum as he did not ask him to prepare lunch for Lakshmi.

Ayush tells everyone that Rishi has not come back home since last night which makes everyone furious at him.

Ayush lies to everyone that Rishi is out for a business purpose which brings relief to Karishma and Neelam.

Meanwhile, Balwinder asks Rishi to wake up who lies down unconscious however Rishi does not open his eyes.

Balwinder ties Rishi up after which he gets a call from Mr. Wilson who is coming home so that he can buy Lakshmi from him.

Mr. Wilson asks what kind of girl is Lakshmi to which Balwinder replies that Lakshmi is like an angel and she will not disappoint him in the foreign market.

Later, Balwinder meets with Soniya and asks her to give him his money to which she says that once Lakshmi is out of the game then only she will pay him.

Back at home, Harleen is worried that Rishi has moved on from Lakshmi however she regrets thinking about this the very next moment.

Ayush comes in and asks her why has she called him here to which Harleen says that she wants to know where Rishi actually is.

Ayush says that even he does not know where Rishi is as his phone is switched off and he has been missing since last night however he will set out to find him.

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