Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd May 2023 episode starts with Shalu asking Aayush about the gunshots while he says that he knows but did not react since they are arguing with the terrorist.

He says that everything is alright since they have tied him up but the terrorist reminds them that something must have happened since the bullet has been shot.

The terrorist laughs saying that one of the other terrorists must have shot the bullet.

However, Shalu and Aayush both slap him as they praise Rishi and Lakshmi who must have tricked the terrorists just as they have tricked him.

They both stuff his mouth with his face and leave while the terrorist demands to be untied.

Back at home, Vikrant gets the message that the bomb has been diffused and informs about it to the family.

Sonia boasts that Rishi must have diffused the bomb but Harleen says that it must have been Lakshmi to which Vikrant confirms the news.

Feeling frustrated, Sonia calls Lakshmi illiterate but Aahana argues that one doesn't need a degree to be brave.

On the other hand, Neelam complains about Lakshmi to Karishma and accidentally slips that she wanted to keep Rishi away from her, especially today.

Karishma questions her while Neelam starts worrying about Rishi.

Sonia comes there and informs them about the bomb being diffused while Neelam states that she cannot be calm until she sees Rishi safe in front of her eyes.

At the ministry office, Dayasagar praises Lakshmi saying that she bravely diffused the bomb which makes Rishi sigh in relief.

However, Aghaz removes his fake getup while saying that Lakshmi may be brave but she cannot defeat him even if she is reborn seven times.

Rishi wonders why Aghaz is still calm and recalls that Aghaz stomps his foot to activate the bomb.

He tries to stop Aghaz from stomping his foot but fails as Aghaz points a gun at him and activates the bomb again informing them that the bomb has a timer for 7 minutes only with 45 seconds equalling a minute.

Back at Oberoi's house, Malishka is upset as she states that Rishi has fallen in love with Lakshmi but Sonal calms her by telling her that Rishi is just repaying his debt for Lakshmi saving him multiple times.

Malishka's mother calls her and listens as Sonia comes there and informs them that the bomb has been diffused.

In the auditorium, Lakshmi sees that the bomb has been reactivated and gets worried while the PA and others notice it too, and get worried.

Vikrant calls his mother and informs her that the bomb has been diffused while Virendra calls Bani to give the good news to her.

Bani gets worried while Rano tells her to not be scared and pick up the call.

Virendra tells her to be brave since half the battle has been won while Bani keeps being worried about Shalu and Lakshmi.

At the Oberoi house, Malishka asks Sonia if Rishi has started loving Lakshmi to which Sonia refuses saying that Rishi does not realize Lakshmi is trapping him.

Sonia also consoles her saying that Lakshmi will get married to Vikrant and leave their lives.

Elsewhere, Dayasagar hands over the pen drive to Aghaz who starts destroying it with a lighter.

Rishi leaps at Aghaz and beats him up while other people also enter and overpower the terrorists.

Aghaz starts straining Dayasagar's neck while the police officer shoots at his leg.

Rishi hits Aghaz before Aghaz can shoot the police officer but the officer gets shot anyways and falls to the ground while Aghaz makes Rishi kneel.

Aghaz says that it is their death day and aims the gun at Rishi saying that he will leave only after killing him.

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