Bhagya Lakshmi 30th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Anushka asking Malishka what might be the reason that Rishi is not here at the function when Malishka says that only Lakshmi can stop her.

She regrets instantly and starts to panic, saying that she shouldn’t have said her name as she adds that even the thought of Lakshmi scares her.

Anushka tells her not to worry and adds that she doesn’t even know her but what if she returns?

Malishka goes from there while Rishi and Lakshmi try to escape the fire.

Rishi goes to bring a wet sheet and realizes that the fire is spreading more and more and they both start coughing.

They get into a banter when Rishi asks her to calm down but Lakshmi offers to help despite him saying that she shouldn’t worry.

They try to extinguish the fire while Lakshmi recalls her moments with Paro.

on the other hand, Bano makes tea for herself and asks Shalu to bring milk and sugar while she says that she will bring it tomorrow while Bano asks her if Lakshmi is meeting Rishhi these days.

Shalu says that Lakshmi will not even see his face ever when Bano says that she doesn’t want Lakshmi to meet him but if she does then he can help her with money so that she can give her some.

Meanwhile, Rohan and Paro practice the dance they will present to Rishi and Parvati.

Concurrently, Lakshmi tells Rishi that Paro is his daughter and her name is what he wants, Parvati.

People call her Paro as her short name but he is unable to hear her.

He says that he can only see her lips moving and he can’t hear anything as he faints.

She tries to wake him up but he is still unconscious.

She plans to wake him up before the smoke enters his body and cleverly wets a piece of clothing and wraps it around his nose.

She gets him on a piece of cloth and somehow drags him out.

On the flip side, Neelam goes to meet Malishka while she seems tensed when Karishma meets her midway.

She tells her that she saw Malishka going upstairs looking worried so she is going to check on her. Karishma assures her that she will take care of the guests and Neelam should go and check on her.

She meets Avinash who says that he wishes she understood Aayush the same way she understands Neelam and goes away.

In the meantime, Rishi gains consciousness and  Lakshmi says that they need to leave right now when he says that he can hear now.

He searches for a place they can escape from when they are equally worried and tense.

He finds a window there and decides to break it as he plans to heat the rods so that it can break easily.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi struggles to breathe and he gives her wet cloth, to help her breathe.

The rod finally breaks and they both escape the fire finally. 

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