Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2023 episode starts with Malishka apologizing to Karishma for agreeing with Rishi about Lakshmi staying in the Oberoi mansion until their marriage happens.

Karishma asks her to calm down as she understands her condition and tells her that she’s worried about tomorrow since it’s Rishi’s and Malishka’s engagement but Neelam will leave the house if Lakshmi enters.

On the other hand, Virendra informs Harleen regarding Neelam being stubborn about her decision to leave the house if Lakshmi comes back.

Meanwhile, Malishka tells Kiran about Neelam’s decision, Kiran gets shocked while Sonal says what if Neelam’s departure halts Malishka’s wedding.

However, Kiran says that they have to do something to stop Lakshmi since that’s the only thing that can help Malishka get successfully married to Rishi this time.

Sonal expresses her concern and says that she’s sure about Neelam leaving tomorrow as Harleen and Virendra will never stop Lakshmi from coming back to the house, Malishka panics about it.

Malishka agrees with Sonal and gets anxious about her wedding getting halted due to this feud between Lakshmi and Neelam.

Meanwhile, Bani makes halwa and feeds it to Shalu asking her the taste as they are very happy to send Lakshmi back to Rishi's house and Shalu already is packing Lakshmi's things.

Lakshmi comes back and says that the news must have reached Shalu and Bani through Ayush which is why they are packing her things and are looking so happy.

Bani and Shalu congratulate Lakshmi for going back to Rishi but Lakshmi says that she is not returning and only stays there till Rishi and Malishka get married due to Virendra and Harleen's orders.

Elsewhere, a man is shown in a cafe who turns out to be Vikrant and immediately after, Malishka and Sonal enter the cafe together.

Malishka thanks Sonal for being there with her while she continuously gets calls from an unknown number and picks up after getting frustrated.

The caller turns out to be Vikrant who asks Malishka how she is doing when she boils in anger on recognizing him and gets shocked to see him sitting just behind them.

Malishka almost attacks Vikrant with a fork but Vikrant stops her and Sonal says that they should talk outside as too many people are watching them there.

Meanwhile, Sonia asks everyone why they look so gloomy at the lunch table with Neelam agreeing and saying that they might not be having lunch together the next day.

Sonia gets to know about Neelam leaving the house if Lakshmi comes home and asks why Lakshmi needs to come as it is not her house but Neelam asks Sonia to remain silent.

Virendra and Harleen remain silent while Rishi asks Neelam to eat and all of them awkwardly start their lunch.

At the same time, Lakshmi, Shalu, Bani, and Rano eat together and Rano gets happy as she hears that Lakshmi is going back to Rishi's house.

Rano says that Lakshmi cannot stay there after Rishi and Malishka get married but expresses her disappointment in Lakshmi coming back soon.

On the other hand, Malishka laughs after hearing that Vikrant wants to get her and Rishi married and says that Vikrant cannot manage his own marriage.

Vikrant says that Lakshmi and Rishi love each other which makes Malishka angry but Sonal asks her to calm down and listen to Vikrant's point.

Malishka says that she cannot trust Vikrant as he tried to kill Rishi after which Vikrant leaves saying that Malishka would come to him very soon.

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