Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ranjit's Dad venting his anger and rebuking Ranjit for not being able to do such a simple thing but losing what they have too.

After that, he says that now he has to do something, while Rishi, Malishka, and Rohan come to Neelam and Rishi tries to talk with Neelam.

Further, Rishi sends Rohan upstairs and states that he wants to tell something to them which he hides from them yet, which makes the family shocked while Neelam shuts him.

There, Shalu is happy with what has happened but Lakshmi worries for the villagers as Ranjit's Dad might trouble them so they shouldn't have interrupted her private matter.

Meanwhile, Dadi asks Lakshmi to leave everything to god as he is doing the right thing while Ranjit vows to trap Lakshmi and snatch her land then leave her as revenge for the humiliation he has faced today.

On the other hand, Neelam reveals to everyone that Rishi and Malishka have fooled them and they don't have consummated their marriage even after so many years, which shocks the family.

She asks Rishi if it's because of Lakshmi, to which Rishi agrees saying he hasn't forgotten Lakshmi yet, after which Neelam questions him then why he married Malishka.

After that, Rishi reveals how he felt a connection when he met Rohan in an NGO, and he was the only way for him to cope with his loneliness after Lakshmi's death but he was facing the problem of adopting him being a single parent thus Malishka helped him and suggested him to marry her for Rohan's sake.

Meanwhile, Neelam says that she knows that they married for Rohan's sake but they think that everything would have been fine between them in years also confronted Malishka for her sacrifice.

However, Malishka says that Rishi made her mom so she is happy with it, and Neelam forgives her but decides to not forgive Rishi.

There, Ranjit asks his men to think of an idea to woo Lakshmi while Neelam confronts Rishi and says he should give all wife rights to Malishka forgetting Lakshmi as she is his past.

At the same time, Rohan talks with Lakshmi over the call and tells her how he is missing her while Lakshmi says she is missing him too but soon he'll forget her as he'll get merged into his daily life, to which Rohan says he can't forget her ever and asks her to not forget him as well.

After cutting the call, Lakshmi thinks it's better to forget some things otherwise, their memories trouble them.

On the other hand, Karishma and Neelam talk about Malishka's sacrifice just then Anushka comes and tells them about Rishi's business trip to Delhi.

She gives them the idea that they should send Malishka along with Rishi to bring them close which is liked by Karishma and Neelam.

Further, Malishka packs Rishi's luggage and apologizes to him as due to her their secret got out but Rishi thanks her for keeping it secret until now.

Later, Neelam orders Malishka to go on a business trip along with Rishi while Anushka will see the arrangements.

After that, Anushka reveals to Malishka how she and Ayush's marriage is the same as Ayush loved someone else too and wishes the best for Malishka.

After a while, Rishi and Malishka are ready to go and meet Rohan who instructs them as per Lakshmi's teachings while Malishka asks Rohan to keep remembering only their teachings.

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