Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 episode starts with Virendra leaving the room when just then, Rishi enters the room and gets a hold of the manager by his collar, asking him about his illegal business.

Rishi frantically questions the hospital manager if they are running an illegal business of selling the organs leading the manager to refuse the accusation while apologising.

Suddenly, a Senior doctor appears there, asking the manager if Lakshmi's news is true to which he nods while she tells them to find Lakshmi as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Ayush and Bani finally reach the hospital, wondering about Lakshmi going somewhere without even informing anyone.

Just then, Ayush asks Shalu if Lakshmi has been kidnapped since she can never leave to somewhere without looking out for Rishi, making Shalu worried.

Elsewhere, Malishka looks out for Lakshmi, wondering where she would have gone without even informing anyone and appreciates her black magic tricks.

She collides with Rishi who is running down the hospital passages, searching for Lakshmi when Malishka hugs him tightly and expresses her concern for him.

Rishi informs her about Lakshmi's sudden absence leading Malishka to tell him that she knows about her disappearance but doesn't know where she must be.

However, Malishka pretends to console Rishi, telling him how strong Lakshmi is to tackle the situation while Rishi leaves and asks her to inform him when gets any lead.

Meanwhile, Shalu feels anxious about Lakshmi's whereabouts when Ayush helps her to calm down and pitches to look out for Lakshmi outside.

On the other hand, Neelam curses Lakshmi for controlling Rishi's life as he doesn't care about himself anymore and is worried only about her.

Harleen interrupts Neelam, telling her to stop rebuking Lakshmi as she's not the evil character here.

Elsewhere, Sonal calls Malishka, informing her about Lakshmi not reaching the police station yet while Malishka attends her call in a storeroom.

Suddenly, she hears a thud sound from the store room and gets suspicious about Lakshmi being present in the store room.

Meanwhile, Virendra and Rishi decide to call the police when Virendra asks Rishi to relax as he's still unfit to take stress when Neelam appears there, scolding Rishi for running behind Lakshmi every time.

Malishka plans to go inside the storeroom when she collides with a ward boy who tells her about no luck in finding Lakshmi inside the storeroom as he already checked.

After some time, Malishka grabs the opportunity and enters the store room, thinking to herself that she'll kill Lakshmi then and there only if she finds her there.

Rishi meets with Ayush and Shalu who frantically ask him about his health while Rishi interrogates them about any lead regarding Lakshmi's matter and expresses how he feels that Lakshmi has been kidnapped.

Just then, Rano appears there and asks them about the matter anxiously while Ayush and Rishi ask them not to lose their hope.

Elsewhere, Malishka throws the stuff in the staff room in order to find Lakshmi when suddenly she spots Lakshmi lying there on the floor helplessly.

She decides to end the worst chapter of her life as this is the best opportunity since there's no one who can interrupt her this time in taking her revenge on Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Rishi senses Lakshmi's presence in the hospital and decides to look out for her in hospital once again.

He rushes to the halls of the hospital, yelling Lakshmi's name when he suddenly spots the store room and decides to check inside.

Malishka wears the gloves in order to escape the consequences and starts choking Lakshmi to death.

On the other hand, Neelam continues to rebuke Lakshmi for being a bad omen in their lives while Rishi enters the store room.

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